Life – its so unpredictable!

Life, a simple 4 letter word is a journey that each one of us has to go through! Its a journey that we solely endure and go through its ups and downs coming at a random pace.

Some ups and downs, especially downs, we can foresee coming and we kind of prepare ourselves mentally to handle those, e.g. some known health issues, few relationship constraints and disconnects, work related problems, etc.

During the ups, we get to see only the brighter side of things and it looks like a dream come true and while we are deeply engrossed enjoying the pleasures of life; Boom!! comes a jerk that drives us off our feet! Can you relate?

Imagine if we are always ready for whatever came our way and accepted it as God’s will.

Ironically, we are very biased towards these situations. The good ones we want to take the credit ourselves and the bad ones are promptly put in God’s kitty. Have a look at a few examples below:

I have worked so hard to get this promotion! – The doer is I with no reference to God’s will.

I have burned the mid night oil to earn this degree! – Here again, the doer is I

Oh, I didn’t clear that exam, must be God’s will!as soon as something negative is referred, we never lose a chance to blame it on God.

Like it or not, everything indeed is happening as per God’s will and it is this sense of doer-ship that we possess that enhances our ego and brings more pain than happiness. Because when we are so filled up with this ego and especially when the things around us are going in the direction we want them to go, we start thinking and believing that we are the doer, but are we the doer?

God has created the master plan and He knows and has already fitted everything and everyone in the scheme of things for a perfect outcome. But our vision is limited and inspired by our current circumstances, our past experiences and our future aspirations.

God is not a critic and He knows our caliber and capabilities much more than we ourselves know. We may underestimate and underplay our capabilities sometimes but God has His own strange ways of putting us in situations where we get a chance to polish our strengths and perform and most of times, out – perform our own expectations. I am sure, each one of us has a few examples of this scenario, isn’t it?

Ideally, when God has bigger plans for us than our own aspirations, that is when directions change, perspectives differ, decisions turn and we are taken aback shocked, devastated and sometimes broken.

Recall some important situations from your past and you will notice that God may have given you much more than what you even aspired to achieve. So let go of this sense of doer-ship, try to be happy in the will of God. I am positive this will help you enhance your chances of growth and prosperity manifold. Don’t hold back, give it a try with complete faith!

Time to take a “Pause”!

Look at the brighter side of things! Think positively 🙂

Think yourself as an “Actor” in a movie and God as the “Director”. Now, the final run of the movie is being played in front of you before the movie is released and there is a chance only for some cosmetic changes but the story line needs to remain as is! Confused?

I mean to talk about Karma, the good deeds that we do during the course of our life. By cosmetic changes, I mean, you can continue to do good deeds all along and these will help make your life’s experience more fulfilling and beautiful. But please remember! the story line cannot change! What you have already sown, you will have to reap as part of the story’s present outcome.

In return of your good deeds and good Karma, God will give you the strength to bear the struggles that you have to go through in your life. Also, your self awareness that you are not the doer will help you in dealing with situations with a calm mind and least anxiety.

Though life is unpredictable but as per God’s master plan it is full of more surprises than shocks for each one of us! Agree?

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3 thoughts on “Life – its so unpredictable!

  1. Karma!! Very interesting.. if you have done nothing wrong in life (at least knowingly), this feeling must give you enough strength to overcome the most difficult stages of your life!!

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