Thank God life is not a “bed of roses”!

You must have also come across that old English expression “Bed of roses” relating to life. Out of curiosity, I just checked the meaning of the phrase on Wikipedia and it says “carefree life“. This expression has been widely used to express a wonderful life without any worries or difficulties.

Well, imagine for a second sleeping literally on a bed of roses. It may feel great for initial 15 minutes but post that I am sure it will start irritating you a lot. Forget about sound sleep, you won’t get any sleep at all. You may also start getting itchy in the bargain :). Mind you, it won’t take long for the perfume and aroma of the roses to turn to unbearable foul smell with each passing minute!

The point I wish to make here is what looks so beautiful in our imagination figuratively may not be a great experience literally.

We can ask for an uneventful life but mind you it will get real boring pretty soon! Think of a life that is carefree and relaxed all through with a set routine for everything. You have time for sleeping, eating, leisure, etc. but without any challenges. You can play but no one wins and no one loses. It will be such a drag, isn’t it?

To make life an exciting and a fulfilling experience, we need our dose of challenges to maintain that balance. These challenges and the down moments as I called it in my last blog (check it out if you haven’t read it yet!), are crucial to help us get a holistic view on life. Ideally, it is owing to these downs that we can appreciate the ups in our life. Do you agree?

Ok, think about this! In life which memories do we cherish more?

Are those the ones where everything was great and perfect, just like the expression of “bed of roses”!


The ones when we got through tough circumstances, struggled and then finally sailed through?

Would you need a minute to think, no I know you gave an instant answer for the latter, isn’t it !! 🙂

That is how we like our life with a pinch of salt! These ups and downs, few challenges that we win and the memories that we create along the way through this journey called life is what makes a memorable experience. It would be so boring if life went in a straight line or only had an upward trend to it. We tend to enjoy the ups more only when we have experienced the downs and we know how it feels being both ways!

So, I pray to God for blessing me with a balanced life and not just a bed of roses 😉 How about you?

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