Fearing the unknown!

As humans, we have been gifted with the capacity to imagine things in our mind. Now, what we think, dream and imagine solely depends on us!

To set the ball rolling, I looked up the meaning of “Fear” in the dictionary and it is mentioned as an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.

Recall some important chapters of your life while you were struggling! You will notice that in all those phases, there are some constant factors – Negative imagination, unpleasant emotions, threat of danger, pain, anxiety….or to simply put it FEAR!

While we are anxious, our ability to imagine negatively is at its peak and we develop this “fear of the unknown“. We start imagining the worst in our mind for the situation that we are in and start getting more and more worried and scared! Ironically, we struggle and punish ourselves emotionally much more than it is actually required or worth it.

“What if” – can you relate with this term? When we are in difficult situations, this little term – What if – plays havoc with our mind. We keep enhancing the probability of the problem multifold in our own head resulting in more anxiety, more fear and sadness. In reality, things may not go wrong beyond 10- 20% but here we are with our imagination already fearing the situation getting 200% worse and backing it up with tears, sorrow, gloom and demotivation. Do you agree?

Next time you are in a situation, try this little trick of positive thinking! Tame your mind to think and imagine positive outcomes to the situation and don’t let your mind take the negative road it has always taken. Believe me, it will be difficult for the initial few times but once in practice, your life journey will become a much pleasant and happy experience!

God has the masterplan and His plan is way beyond our imagination. So keep faith, think positive and let go of your fears!

Hope you can relate to this! I will be glad to receive your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below.

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