Perfection differs – depends how you like your Cup of Tea!

A cup of tea that may be perfect for one may taste horrendous for the other!

Some like it with milk some without, some like it with a pinch of sugar some fully loaded, some like it boiled while others may like simple tea bag tea. Some may like to add condiments like cardamom, cinnamon, herbs and few even black pepper! Oh, the variations can be numerous and end less!

Wondering why am I talking about Tea recipes all of a sudden!

Don’t worry, I remain motivated to share my feelings about life balance and positivity through these blogs and not changing directions :). I would to take this opportunity to thank my readers for sharing appreciation and comments.

One of the feedback that I have constantly received is to share some ways to remain positive. A mantra that can be helpful; and that is the reason why I took up this example of different preferences of Tea and individual choices.

My friend, to begin with let me tell you that there is no perfect recipe for being positive and being motivated in life. It solely depends on You. Yes you & only you!

If it was so straight forward our teachers would have taught us this mantra in school itself and for everybody life would have been so easy but I am afraid that is not the case 😦

Being positive is more about your own conviction, your inner calling! Hope you agree!

I can only help you with the preparation part of it with the below sharing:

  • FIND YOUR POSITIVE CONNECT: We are so lucky to have access to internet! There is so much content available online in the form of Videos, stories, write-ups, etc. that we can never be done! Explore your choices both online and offline. I am sure, soon you will be able to find a session, a trainer, a writer, a holy scripture, a preacher, a guide, a management guru or someone else whose talks will bring that conviction and motivation in you. This is the most difficult part and once this is done, you are all set. Once you find your Teacher, your guide then the rest is history, believe me! For some this exploration is quick and for some, it may take longer but be positive and if you are seeking it with a true intention, it won’t be far!
  • EMBRACE IT WITH YOUR HEART AND SOUL: Now that you have a teacher, be attentive, learn from every lesson taught. Get hooked on to it. Be alert, create your points while you watch, listen or read and be conscious to Embrace those little tips into your daily life;
  • ME TIME: Now you have to bring in these tricks and tips into practical execution, so some moments of Introspection during the day, preferably first thing in the morning or last thing in the night is essential to begin this journey; Ask yourself what went right and what did not go the way you would have ideally liked it! Be your best critic! Tip – Reading your notes from the lessons learnt so far before starting your introspection will be very helpful!
  • LOG IT: Reflect on your thoughts after introspection – create a journal to log in your feelings; Tip – Write in points and write the right and not so right ones with different colors. That will help for a quicker review 🙂
  • CHECK IT: Regularly Review your journal to see the changes and hopefully, you will see that this little exercise is helpful; Gradually, the not so right color will start becoming lesser and lesser! When you are self conscious of your actions then improvements are ought to happen! Please don’t be too harsh on yourself and don’t expect instant results. You did not learn the entire vocabulary in one day, it took you years right and even now, we are not perfect, so just keep trying and you will do good for yourself, I am sure 🙂

If you thought, I will have some easy trick to share, I am afraid but there is no easy way out of this my friend. To each his own!

Its your life and every effort to make it positive and happy is worth it! Isn’t it!

I encourage you to give this a try and see the outcome. I am no management guru but I am positive and confident that these little efforts of introspection and reflection will bring in pleasant changes in the way you are dealing with the life’s challenges!

I would love to hear your story, when do you plan to start or if you already have another mechanism in place from which all of us can benefit! Kindly share in the comments section below.

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15 thoughts on “Perfection differs – depends how you like your Cup of Tea!

  1. Beautifully written. Get going. I will start looking for my positive connect….
    On second thoughts, you could also be my positive connect cos after reading your blogs, I feel so positive….keep inspiring, thank you.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Very well written. Inspiring and motivating. Much needed to a lot of amongst us who need reassurance of self worth.
    A very nice quote I read lately ” You need yourself than them. ” 👍

    Liked by 1 person

  3. An extremely difficult topic covered in such a wonderful way. 👏
    I think for me what I have not tried till now is my ‘Me time’. Have been too lazy to start this.
    What I have already tried is searching for a teacher on the net and with God’s Kripa, I have always been able to find a leader whom I could follow. But after sometime it gets boring and thirst for something newer and higher starts. As you rightly mentioned, the journal in which I recorded my thoughts after listening to them always become handy. I like the idea of using different coloured pens because it would be visually faster to analyse what has recorded.
    Knowing myself, I think I would continue to procrastinate the ‘me time’. Don’t know whether it’s just ‘being lazy’ or ‘avoiding to think out of my comfort zone’ or ‘not wanting to create time for this. But you know what, by reading your blogs and especially while writing the feedback to these blogs make me think and I rise to and write what comes to my mind. I think this wY of introspection is really working best for me. These make me think and analyse. These kind of blogs may be some day would motivate me to start the ‘me time’ regime and help me deal with my excuses of not pursuing this till now.
    Thanks for covering this very important topic. 🙏

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    1. Wow, such an in depth feedback and am glad that you have found the shared tips helpful and felt connected. Great that you are doing most of it already and I will keep motivating through my blogs regularly…….. that’s a promise 🙂


  4. It’s definitely not easy to stay always positive..but completely agree with you…it’s only me & myself who can keep me positive consistently…we need to create a world within us which will have all ingredients to keep us in a positive state of mind isolating from negative influences all around you..
    Well written..

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You say it so easily…
    Yet quite practically….
    Well written and doable…
    Though its not always easy to be positive each time but I feel less n less negative thoughts are the key…
    To win over the negative ideas should be a constant endeavor…
    Keep going girl…

    Liked by 1 person

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