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Gym with guaranteed results! Its a promise!

A fitness freak or otherwise, we all know what a “Gym” is, right!

Everyone who joins a Gym, goes there to workout with the idea of gaining body strength, increasing their metabolism, immunity and not to mention a good looking body. The reasons for joining a gym may differ but basically there is awareness that vigorous exercising will result in pain & sweat and the degree of pain increases with the intensity you do it.

But it is a health choice that one makes and then enjoys the pain that comes with it!

Like the old saying goes, No Pain, No Gain! Holds 100% true here!

You look out for strict instructors who will push you to try new exercise regimes that will help you to build more strength! Recall the smile that you have in that pain once you are done with your full set of a difficult regime! Priceless, isn’t it? You have a sense of achievement and that feel good feeling is awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay, don’t be impatient, I am coming to the point I am trying to make!

What “Exercise” is to the body, “Problem” is to the mind!

Difficult situations that we simply call “Problems” bring in a lot of mental pain and agony in our life, don’t they?

Believe me, it is all in the mind and indeed a little change in your approach will make overcoming situations easier and happier and you will tend to benefit more from each such situation. I guarantee there is no loss, though, the benefits you reap from each situation may vary. Its a lifetime free gym with a very strict instructor indeed. The only option is to embrace this instructor and get ready to be trained well because like it or not this instructor is here to stay!

Can we bring in a little change in our outlook towards things to make it more positive? Let us stop considering difficult situations in our life as “Problems” and replace this with a more positive approach and start calling it an “Opportunity”.

Just when we do that, things will change and I promise they will change for good ๐Ÿ™‚

Because, when we think we are in a “Problem”, our mind gets into a defensive mode and only thinks about solving the issue at hand and not the bigger picture. Whereas, when the mind tries to cease an “Opportunity”, the mental approach is more creative and holistic! Do you agree?

Recall few of your difficult phases in your life for a moment! You will realize the benefits that you have received from most of those phases will outnumber the agony it gave you. But, there may be regrets too! If you had used that phase as an opportunity and not a problem, you would have done things differently and would have benefited much more from each situation!

Its never late, my friend! Start from now! Stop sulking for your situations that you call “Problems”, because these are indeed not problems, these are “Opportunities” sent to you by God, to make you Stronger, Tougher and Brighter, so can shine like the Sun! So give me a sunshine Smile of yours and get going! The world waits to see what you can do ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t hold yourself back, show them and show yourself too how you seize each “Opportunity” of life going forward……

For more thoughts, you may also like to read my earlier blog, “Thank God life is not a “bed of roses”!

To conclude: Stop sulking, you are not the only one in a situation, which you call “Problem” and I propose that going forward you start considering it as an “Opportunity”. To each his own, believe me, everyone has their bucket full! You are in this situation, so that you can become stronger and shine brighter. Have a positive approach towards life and soon you will discover the purpose God has or had in putting you in any situation. Remember, it is all a part of God’s Masterplan and He is always right!


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6 thoughts on “Gym with guaranteed results! Its a promise!

  1. Very true. I will rather consider it as a challenge! Once a โ€œproblemโ€ is taken as โ€œchallengeโ€, one starts finding ways to solve it in a more positive frame of mind!

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