How about allocating some “We time”!

“Me Time” yeah, we all need it to recharge our batteries but in this age of smart technology, it’s time we schedule in some “We Time” too! Do you agree?

As a characteristic, humans are kind of selfish and we are every now and then taught and told to think of ourselves first and then others!

Did you also remember the airline announcement, “Wear your mask first before you help accompanying children and co-passengers”! Well, only if you are breathing can you assist others, right? So, this is not being selfish but intelligent, isn’t it!

Two points that I would like to bring out:

  • For all the introspection and insights, we must have some “Me Time”. It helps to think, plan and execute effectively. This way we respond and don’t react.
  • Simultaneously, “We Time” i.e. the time we are required to spend with our loved ones is equally important. The choices and preferences may vary as in sometimes a joint meal once or twice a week is good enough and other times, a one to one session with parents, children or spouse helps you bring our solution to your most complicated professional issues too.

You know a lot about yourself, don’t you? But believe you me, your immediate family sometimes knows some aspects of your nature and behavior that even you yourself are ignorant of!

Irrespective of the benefits that I already mentioned above, isn’t it anyways a good idea to have some time intentionally and willingly allocated for the family who remains with us through the thick and thin unconditionally.

Sometimes they will help you and sometimes you will help them! And the best part is that it is all unconditional and without any expectations 🙂 They love you and you do too, right!

When they see you all worked up and clogged, they worry for you my friend, so why not have an inclusive approach and open up to give them a chance to inspire and help you😊 The solution may be already available with them through their prior experience or their knowledge of you! Am I right?

Where things are discussed and shared, there will exist a sense of belonging, an aura of positivity, I promise. Lead by example my friend and learn to share before you teach and preach about goodness of sharing with your children 👍🏻

To conclude: Happiness lies in the act of balancing between “Me” and “We”! Please remember, though we like independence but our happiness depends and is directly impacted by our loved ones! So share your feelings and your love while you have your loved ones around!

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10 thoughts on “How about allocating some “We time”!

  1. How ingenious of you to bring out a topic that affects each of us and most of the time we keep thinking which way to go…
    Very truly a balance is the order of the day and its for each one to decide how much of me or we she / he needs…

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  2. Just faced this last night. Yesterday was kids annual day event at school in the evening. We came back home late and then I had to leave for Germany for work. I was dying to have that “we time” with my kids last night to appreciate them deeply from my heart for their performance. But I was so busy settling things at home due to the travel schedule that I couldn’t find that time with them. I had some “me time” with myself on the flight from Delhi and in transit just 15 mins ago, I called them to complete that quality time with them on phone. It felt soooo nice. As if I was able to accomplish a BIG thing in my life. “Me time” leads to a great “we time” as your mind is more balanced when you share your emotions with anyone, as they are more thought off.

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  3. So true about finding the right balance between ‘me’ and ‘we’ time. I do believe it takes a lot of introspection and self-awareness to understand what is the right balance, but in general, I think that women tend to give too much of themselves to others and consider taking me-time as too selfish. Also, I think that in general, introverts need more time by themselves than our more extroverted friends!

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