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Provided….. the if and but of life!

Do you believe that Life is a gift that we have got or do you have some riders attached to this statement like most other human beings!

Life is a gift provided I have plenty of money!

Life is a gift provided I have a beautiful wife and a happy family!

Life is a gift provided I have the most satisfying job!

Life is a gift provided I can beat my rebel and get to top my college!

Oh, I can go on and this list is endless…. very relatable, isn’t it!

To cherish a gift, we need to understand its value and worth, isn’t it!

Would you agree if I said that we can experience the gift of life is in every episode of inhale and exhale of oxygen, the process we call breathing! Unfortunately, for most of us, we take this simple act for granted and don’t understand & appreciate its importance enough.

We all need to learn to be thankful for every breath that we are blessed to take!

If you think a little deep, what is the difference between a living man and a dead one, it is his ability to breathe, right?

Yeah, scientifically, I know that there is a lot that goes at the backend but for basic understanding, if you are able to breathe, you have got the gift of life for another moment and it goes on till you have the ability to take your very last breath.

Isn’t that enough reason to celebrate that you can breathe?

To cherish this gift of life, we need to learn to celebrate every small instance, than to wait for achieving big milestones.

Very important fact to remember about life is that it’s a journey and what milestone we set today as our ambition will become history once achieved and then something else will come in our radar and so on…. so the riders that we keep putting to qualify our life as good also keep varying all the time!

Please remember, There is nothing called perfect life! For anyone….

What will happen if you are yet to achieve your milestones and you are still happy and celebrating, I bet, that positive attitude will only get you closer to getting a wholesome experience of life and there is nothing to lose in this deal! Try it!

Every morning, the ability to wake up is a reason enough to celebrate and actually, every opportunity that we get to inhale is another moment given to us to celebrate life……Think about it, its not too difficult to be happy and to smile πŸ™‚ all it takes is just a little shift in our approach towards life.

Remember, Half glass full or half glass empty!

Keeping a positive and thankful approach towards life will surely reflect in your attitude and the way you will handle situations. Because what we may consider as a hurdle, could actually be a bridge to take us to a better pasture of life! So, rise and shine, my friend πŸ™‚

Being ambitious is not bad but making your happiness and appreciation of life depend on the success and achievement of your goals is not a good idea! Do you agree?

To conclude: Be cheerful, thankful, feel happy and smile for what you have and learn to keep a positive frame of mind! If not all, 60-70% of your problems will go away with this little shift in attitude, because remember, most problems are not problems but opportunities, the difference is only in the way you deal with them! Don’t wait for achievements to celebrate life, create memories to cherish in every moment and that will be your biggest achievement, trust me!

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10 thoughts on “Provided….. the if and but of life!

  1. Hi Purnima, its wonderful! Are you a life coach by anyways? All your posts are so relatable to real life that everytime I read I get so much positivity. Thank you 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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