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2019 to 2020, What’s the big deal?

2019 will soon be ending and we all are in that winding up phase to close all the loose ends, so we can start afresh in 2020…. with full energy and zeal!

Those year end appraisal discussions, that car servicing, house renovation, Christmas shopping,,,,,oh, there is so much on the to-do-list!

But, I urge you my friend to take a moment of PAUSE and THINK!

What is it that’s ending that we are celebrating & what’s that we are gearing up for?

Its just a change in the way we will write the date and nothing else! Am I right?

Hmm! Am I demotivating you from partying and getting high on life? Of course not!

What I am trying to do is to imbibe a thought to be in the happy mood each and every day of your life!

Out of curiosity, I looked up for the dictionary meaning of ”CELEBRATE” and as per Cambridge dictionary it is: ” to recognize an important occasion by taking part in an activity that makes it special“……

So literally, we need an occasion, a reason or an accomplishment to “CELEBRATE”!

But, do we really need to wait for these accomplishments, achievements and only then do we allow ourselves to be happy, to party, to let loose?

I then, looked up for another word “ENJOY”, which as per Cambridge dictionary means: “to get pleasure from something”

Hmm.. this one looks more manageable in our day to day lives, isn’t it…..

Thinking a little deeper, I am now wondering that isn’t waking up each day and having something to do should be a reason enough to “CELEBRATE” life in each passing moment!

Don’t wait for milestones to celebrate, my friend, the happiness is in the journey! Enjoy till it lasts!

What’s the point of achieving a milestone when you don’t have good memories to cherish from that journey? Think about it!

What also comes with year end is the parties, celebrations and family get-togethers! So much of energy goes in winning that tag of a perfect host, isn’t it? Please read my earlier blog Struggles of a perfect host!

To conclude: Moments to “CELEBRATE” may be few but do not wait to “ENJOY” your life, my friend. Trust me, once you start doing it, you will feel that life is worth living and enjoying and it will indeed give you enough reasons to “CELEBRATE” each and every day! Start Enjoying life and Celebrations will soon follow!


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