Oh, Tom is calling Tina again!

It was 7.30 pm and little Tina was already ready to sleep. Alex took her in his arms and was slowly patting her back, so she could dose off to sleep soon. Just when Tina was almost falling asleep around 7.50 pm or so… Suzie’s phone rang….She looked at the flashing screen and quickly put the phone on silent and then showed it to Alex too…..she didn’t want mission sleep to fail!

All those who are dealing with little children can relate to the pain and effort it takes to accomplish this project every day, isn’t it!

It was Suzie’s Dad, Tom on the phone and whenever it was a FaceTime call, it meant that he wanted to see little Tina and have a chit chat with her. Both Suzie and Alex looked at each other as they did not want to disappoint Tom but waking up Tina meant that she will be cranky and with this little power nap, their evening/night will be totally ruined 😦

What do you think they would have done?

Logically, you would say that Suzie should speak to Tom and promise him that they will connect tomorrow and make him speak with Tina, right!! Well, Alex and Suzie as parents wanted to do exactly that but do you know what they finally did?

They woke up Tina and made her speak to Tom, till the time Tom was satisfied and himself volunteered to keep the phone down after the loving byes and blessings! Astonished at Alex and Suzie’s decision, are you?

As expected, Tina did trouble them a lot that night as after speaking to her Grandfather, she was energized and fresh and that little power nap she took also added to the energy! Alex and Suzie finally had to take Tina out for a car ride at 10 pm, as that was the last resort they used when every other solution of making Tina sleep failed!

The next morning, Suzie’s phone rang again and this time again, it was Tom’s number flashing but it was not a FaceTime call. She quickly picked up the phone and what she heard broke her down! It was her Aunt Maggie on the line who informed Suzie that Tom passed away peacefully….. what Aunt Maggie said before ending the call astonished her the most……

“Tom was so thankful to both of you to have woken Tina up last night to make her speak to him for one last time, he went very peacefully with a broad smile on his face and fully contented with the love and values he has given you!”

Suzie ran to Alex and hugged him and cried a lot while sharing the news but somewhere deep down she was so happy for their act last night which looked crazy to most of the parents at the look of it but now Do you understand why they did what they did?

Friends, for the little discomfort that we may get for any act, if it can bring a smile on someone’s face, then its totally worth all the effort, believe me! We always need to remind ourselves that:

Tomorrow is not guaranteed!

In this scenario, one wise decision has led to so many good memories not only for Tina but for Suzie and Alex too which they will cherish forever! Also, there are no regrets as they did go against logic and did not wait for Tomorrow! Imagine if they had decided otherwise, what agony Tom would have gone through and would Suzie & Alex be able to forgive themselves…. I assume not! Do you agree?

Especially in today’s times when families are getting more and more global and distances are increasing each day, we all should be so thankful for the technology that has given us enough and more means to still remain connected to our roots, our family, our loved ones!

Next time when your phone rings, please be mindful in picking up those calls every time, irrespective of the timezone, discomfort, your preoccupations, etc. etc. , because not every time there is tomorrow and sometimes Now is the only right time, though it may not logically sound right!

To conclude: For the elderly in our families, it is our time which is their biggest gift! Talk to them through Video chats, if you are not living with them, share your happy and sad moments with them, make them feel a part of your life! This is indeed a gift that they want from you, not the expensive watch that you are planning to buy for your Grandfather for his 75th Birthday, trust me! Celebrate every small moment while you can, instead of waiting for bigger milestones as we don’t know TOMORROW….do we?

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6 thoughts on “Oh, Tom is calling Tina again!

  1. Very touching and beautiful ….it’s really true how in our everyday running around we tend to skip the fine details….but those are the most important things ……
    Good thoughts..

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