A day off for Ana!

My childhood friend, Ana had to take an off for her office today, you know why?

Not because she had to appear for an interview and also not to take care of off her son, Jack….. it was because recently her Mom, Lucy, has been missing out on her medicines and now Ana, during her day today will organize her medications in proper boxes as per Lucy’s daily dosage, so there is minimal chance of a miss out! Sounds familiar?

Well, ever since I was a child I have seen Lucy being that strong woman who did everything to perfection, and by everything I literally mean everything! Since a few years back when Jack was born, though she had lost much of her physical strength but she was still high in her spirits and nowπŸ™ she needs to be reminded and coaxed to have her medicines on time, what a pity! πŸ™ But that’s the way life is!

Life really comes full circle!

Suddenly, your Parents become almost like your children who need care, attention and love like a little baby.

If you think your parents need that from you, I urge you to be there for them now while you have this opportunity of being with them! This is the least we can do, for the amount of sacrifices they have done for us, almost their entire life, isn’t it!

There may be moments when you have to be a little stern with them when it comes to their diet, physical activity, sleeping pattern, medications, etc. almost like how they used to be with us when we were kids, isn’t it! Well, don’t be too harsh and strict with them please. Though they may behave like babies but they deserve your 100% love, affection, empathy and attention. Please remember, they stood by you in numerous memorable moments of your life, right from your first step to your first exam and the list can be endless here….your every success, every failure, every agony, every joy…..Dear, its your time now!

You must have heard the saying: β€œ Why cry over spilt milk!” Have you?

There will be no point in repenting later, my friend. Love them for what they are and do it now, because whatever you are today are only because of their love, their sacrifices and their values, isn’t it!

To conclude: The only debt we can never repay in our lives is towards our parents. It’s okay, if you have to remind them or even politely scold them for their medicines, their lifestyle, their exercise, etc. but always love them and respect them. Parents are a blessing to have in your life and it is indeed their love and blessings that has given us our life and the happiness that we so dearly enjoy and cherish today! Please remember, LIFE DOES COME FULL CIRCLE, so whatever we do, our children are watching us and learning what they are expected to do when we get old πŸ˜‰

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