Learning swimming to swim!

For most of you, who know swimming, it is like knowing your native language, simple & easy, isn’t it….But for those who don’t know swimming, it’s the most difficult thing on earth to do! Trust me, because I myself don’t know swimming and I am thus, shit scared of getting drowned in the most shallow pool 😛 on the face of Mother Earth!

Like we need to learn swimming to swim, similarly we need to learn ‘to Live’, ‘to Live’! Confused????

I mean, like Swimming is a form of activity, so is “Life”….

Provided, we take it sportingly and in the right spirit of things! Do you agree?

Well, imagine if we lived our life, not just for living but if we took it as an art or an activity in which we wish to excel in! Will we not put our 100% effort and energy into making every moment worthwhile!

Look back at your life and see if you are doing justice to your learning!

If you are, then you are an inspiration to many, my friend 👍🏻 Keep it up 👏🏻

If you don’t see yourself there yet, then, think what’s stopping you, do some introspection my dear friend, because this life is with us only here and now and let’s mend our ways while we still have time by our side!

Its never too late to learn anything in life, trust me! ‘Past’ is gone and ‘Future’ will come tomorrow, it is indeed this ‘Present’ that we have as the “Gift of Life”.….. we ought to treat this moment as a blessing, isn’t it! But do we?

Love life my friend, enjoy what you have, because millions are dying to live a day of your life, I can bet my money on it! Be grateful and thank God for what you have got and don’t ever leave a chance to share your learning and earn a smile or a blessing! That is all that matters and will matter in the end!

There is a very thin line between “Life spent” and “Life fully Lived” and what you choose early in life decides your journey here and beyond!

To conclude: You can float in shallow water even if you don’t know swimming but to be a Swimming champ, you need to learn the art well, isn’t it! So, choose wisely my friend! Be positive, be happy and be open to learn (age no bar!) as well as open to share your learning….take time to Introspect and Reflect on your actions. Spread love and smiles and you will get your share as soon as it’s due, I promise that 👍🏻:)

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Enhancing life's experiences by living it fully!

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