Tina’s little mind struggle!

Last evening, Tina got hurt while playing and she got some bruises🙁. She came home crying and hugged her Mom, Suzie! After a lot of consoling, poor Tina was taken to a Doctor for a bandage and an injection. When Alex returned, Tina was watching TV lying down on the sofa while Suzie was cooking dinner. What Tina heard her Mom say to her Dad, confused her…… any clues what Suzie said?

Well, Suzie said “Thank God, it’s just this much!”

Hearing these words, Tina felt sad and confused as she was suffering and here her Mom thinks that it’s almost nothing. “How can Mom not see and feel my pain”, wondered Tina’s little mind 🙁

Isn’t it normal, it’s just like ‘Half glass empty’ or ‘Half glass full’ scenario!

Tina with her pain and agony, in her situation, thought the glass was more than half empty, while Suzie thanked God for being so kind and helping Tina get only a few bruises and no ligament tear or fracture! She could manage just with a local physician and didn’t even have to get x-ray done! Isn’t that more than half glass full 👍🏻

This scenario got me thinking….Isn’t it applicable with every situation in our life? Wherever we are, in whatever situation, there are different aspects and how we see it and take it further, makes the whole difference. Mind you, our decisions finally impact not only our present but also help build a better tomorrow.

So whether you see it as empty or full, the glass is yours my friend 🙂

Next time and every time, my friend, try to bring in both the view points (Tina and her Mom or to put it as ‘half glass full’ or ‘half glass empty’) before starting to sulk or being sad. May be there is much more in your glass already that you have ignored to count! Do you agree?

In these times of global lockdown, we have been given this “Gift of Time” to Introspect and Reflect on each and every habit of ours, so when we bounce back, we are better spouses, better friends, better parents/children and first and foremost better human beings 👍🏻

To conclude: Try and include a step in your thought process, to also count the ignored blessings that you have in your life, be grateful for the gifts you have got and never stop earning these blessings from one and all! Please remember, we have much more than numerous others, so no point complaining, my friend! Wear a smile and move ahead with pride and positivity; hold that glass up high and always see it filling till the Sun shines and so do you😊 Be safe!

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17 thoughts on “Tina’s little mind struggle!

  1. excellent analogy. Liked the statement “May be there is much more in your glass already that you have ignored to count”. Natural tendency is always to see the glass from own perspective, ignoring the other side! Good writing. Keep going……

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  2. Yes. Agree with the statement” May be there is much more in your glass already which you ignored to count.” And most importantly we should thank God for what we have.☺️

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  3. I’d like to pick a line from you….
    “Never stop earning these blessings from one and all ….”
    Good thoughts…


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