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Suzie aced her perfect bend!

Suzie joined her Dance class almost six months ago and she has been trying to ace that perfect bend in her class since the very beginning. She has been practicing at home as well and everyday she got closer to perfection….. Guess what, today she did it and she feels so accomplished, elated and happy about her achievement…..

Isn’t that a wonderful feeling, that sense of achievement when we accomplish what we seek for. We all know and understand that feeling, don’t we? We also do acknowledge the amount of efforts, practice and perseverance that goes in! Isn’t it?

For our physical achievements, sometimes, we really go the extra mile to prove it to the world that we have it in us! That’s great, keep it up!

This got me wondering a bit about our emotional achievements, especially in the current times, when with COVID 19, we are amid a Pandemic and nothing is working, the way we used to call it as “Normal”. Everything has changed and these are unique circumstances globally, isn’t it!

Do we really challenge ourselves Emotionally?

Will it not be nice if we could wake up in the morning and give ourselves some emotional challenges and then, be attentive during the day to achieve those to the best of our ability……Let’s call it “HAPPY HEART Challenge”!

  • Today I will make X no. of people smile!
  • I will let go of some of my fears today!
  • I will keep my spirits high today!
  • I will motivate someone today!
  • I will help someone today!
  • I will not get angry at anyone today! (This one is for the tough one’s who are taking this challenge really seriously ;))

These goals could be to improve ourselves or to help others! Best part about this HAPPY HEART Challenge is that even if we have 10-20% achievement rate, we will still end up being happier, making our emotional surroundings better and become better human beings.

Also, when we engage with others, it will result in having a little better world to live in with every small achievement πŸ™‚ Imagine when everyone starts being a little conscious about this, the synergy effect it can bring on…..Worth a try, isn’t it?

Remember Suzie’s sense of achievement? Well, I can promise that the sense of these achievements could be similar or may be a little more for your own selves but the effect it will leave on others will be “Priceless” πŸ™‚

To conclude: Imagine the amount of happiness and smiles we all together can gather through these little alert efforts πŸ™‚ and it can be done without changing anything in our daily schedules! Please remember that while we start to look out for others, various others start looking out for us too….Wow, a little Domino effect that can be brought up with a few positive thoughts. Like the “ICE BUCKET Challenge”, help me get this “HAPPY HEART Challenge” go viral and spread happiness when we all need it the most πŸ™‚


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10 thoughts on “Suzie aced her perfect bend!

  1. V nice post Purnima. I will add to this list β€œ i will not complain / crib day” 😁 All very valid points. And will take up the happy heart challenge! Thank you

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