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What’s your A, B,C?

All children in Kindergarten are expected to know their basic alphabets (A,B,C….) and around Grade 10, they all are expected to know the basics of Trigonometry, Algebra…. isn’t it!

I am pretty sure that you will be able to recall various occasions, when you were made to do the same assignment multiple times to get that Perfect Score, so the lesson is imbibed in your brain…. and here I can bet that most of those questions and answers, those poems, those frequent mistakes that you were punished for or were made to do again and again, you still remember them by heart, like it happened yesterday 😃 irrespective of what age you are right now!

Will you agree, if I say that…..

Life is like a School for us....Just that each one of us have a Unique Curriculum

Believe me, each one of us have to learn our own A,B,C’s and what may look very easy for some, could be the most difficult for the other few……for some Praying is easy, for some Trying is and for few others …..Forgiving and Letting Go is the most difficult deed!

In Life, we are always Eager to move ahead, we are always in a Rush to Achieve more and more, even though we have not learnt our initial lessons…..and that’s when we end up asking:

  • Why am I in this phase for so long?
  • When will my time change?
  • What wrong have I done?

Now, think about this….What if we consider every Phase in our Life as an Academic session, where like the A,B,C, or Trigonometry or Algebra, there is an Expected Outcome, a Result and then we strive to achieve perfection. Please remember that in real life, there is no way to get promoted to the next level with grace marks ….

We have to learn our lessons well to move ahead👍🏻

So stop Complaining about the Phase you are stuck in and Observe and Introspect “What is it that you are yet to learn from the given phase”….

Once you are Alert, you will be more Motivated and Driven to move ahead, rather than to Sulk in Agony….Isn’t this anyways a better thing to do? What’s there to lose? Just a little Change in Mindset and you can definitely make your life journey more Enhancing and reduce the Frustration, the anxiety of Waiting…. totally worth the effort, isn’t it!

To conclude: Be positive in each phase and learn to ask “What is it that I should learn” instead of “Why is it happening to me”. Trust me, God is not only our Mother, He is also a Perfect Teacher and a Strict one at that, when it comes to teaching us our Life Lessons. So all we need to do is to concentrate on our own curriculum and strive to learn and excel in every challenge that life puts across through these phases….. I know you are a Great Student😊, my friend, just look out for your Lessons now!


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