Geometry of life!

Try drawing a circle without using the compass! Yes for sure, to the naked eye, you can make a nice looking circle by hand but geometrically it may not come out perfect! Do you agree?

Similarly, in life we are supposed to reach from point A i.e. our birth to point B i.e. our end (or death if you are fine reading this hard truth) and what we do in between is the journey that we all undertake.

During this journey, we mostly know and take the right path!

But sometimes, there are easy choices or short cuts that are available and these choices attract us towards them. Just like the hand drawn circle that is easy to make rather than picking a compass and then drawing it perfectly; these short cuts seem to be so lucrative, easy and approachable!

Also, depending on our vulnerability, we may even get fully convinced in choosing these paths as we get blind sighted and neglect the fact that this path may have a flip side or ignore our inner voice that shouts : “THIS IS NOT RIGHT!”

Please remember that point A and point B are fixed for our life and the time you will take in this journey i.e. your life span is also fixed as per God’s master plan, so mind you, by taking these short cuts, we may end up elongating some other phase of your life….. so isn’t it wise to stick to the right path rather than choosing the easy ones?

Think about it, we may be loosing more than we are gaining with wrong choices!

When we make these wrong decisions, irrespective of how big or small the decision is, believe me, our inner conscience warns us and we know something is not right! Do you agree?

Its never late in life! Try to create balance in your life. Be firm with yourself and also in your relations.

Truth is one and lies are many! Undoubtedly, what is right and true will remain so for everyone and in every moment!

But….when you lie or take short cuts, that’s when versions start getting created and every one can have a totally different version of the same situation, causing confusion, chaos, misunderstandings and agony!

We always have a choice but what we choose to move forward in our life, decides who we are as individuals. We define the geometry of our own lives! It is us who are solely responsible for our integrity and dignity, what say?

To conclude: Everything that you do going forward, just ensure that you take the right choice and not the easy choice….then, each moment spent in this journey called life will be worth living! Choose to use the compass next time πŸ™‚

Do you believe in sharing?

Sharing is caring!

This is what we have learnt and are teaching our children too, right!! But, do we really believe in sharing?

Don’t worry I am not talking about donations of money and clothes here!

I want you to introspect and do a check within that are you ready to share your feelings and emotions? And mind you, sharing both positive and negative ones is equally important!

Let me tell you a short incident from the life of Alex and Tom to relate this better.

Alex was very talented, had enough experience as a store manager for car servicing company but owing to recession he lost his job πŸ™. He relocated and to survive took a job of a mechanic that paid him just enough to live. Alex wanted to get a better job but chose not to share his desire or feelings with his colleagues and peers working with him. No one knew his exact qualification or details about his vast experience, as Alex hardly spoke to anyone. Alex’s struggle went on for years….

Tom, the mechanic shop owner (where Alex worked) on the other hand was planning to open a store of auto parts and was looking for someone with knowledge and experience but was unable to find good candidates. πŸ™ Paying a Consultant to find the right candidate would have costed a lot of money, so the idea with Tom kept on getting delayed….

Both had issues and the simple solution was in the sharing!

Mostly, we restrict ourselves from sharing and especially our failures and negative emotions as we feel the other person may perceive us as weak.

I request you to read my earlier blog, Perceptions are seldom right!, if you have not read it already.

If Alex had shared his experience and concern with his peers, someone would have recommended him to Tom. Simultaneously, if Tom had shared the requirement with his team then may be Alex would have taken the opportunity to speak to Tom!

Can you observe, how a little act of sharing would have saved so much agony and brought so much happiness to both. Actually not just the two of them but to their respective families and imagine the positive impact it could have brought to their business.

As humans, we seek empathy, compassion, an ear to listen and most importantly a heart to understand. If you try to look around, you will notice that people who have good close friends or good companions or life partners, seem to have less problems, as they have someone to go to for discussion; someone who can help them get to the solution faster. Believe me, it is true!

I urge you to take time and make friends; speak to your family, colleagues, friends and peers…. help them to share their stories and inhibitions and you share yours. Help each other in any way you can… Even if you can’t help, you will help them just with this act of sharing as most of the times, we already know the solution but we just need someone to validate it for us. Do you agree?

You have the power to heal someone of their pain and help them take the right decisions! And you can share this blessing at no cost!

Share your time with your loved ones, listen to them and connect with them to ease their journey as well as your own!

Want to share something, my friend? I am all ears! Write to me in the comment section below. You never know, may be I have the key to your problem or may be someone else in this vast universe may reach out to you through this channel! What’s the harm? πŸ˜‰

To conclude: Become the go to person for your near and dear ones. This won’t happen overnight, it will take time to build that trust and comfort for others to share their deepest feelings with you! Respect that and most importantly, as you won’t like your secrets leaked, no one does! So be very mindful if someone shares their feelings with you! Help them if you can, else, that little comfort of hearing and consoling is also worthy of an effort!

Observe – Nature has all the answers! Version 2.0

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Be like a tree – Stay grounded, keep growing and know when to let go!

What a saying and what a learning this little phrase has!

If we can learn to observe this and appreciate the power of giving, it will indeed be a life worth living!

As mentioned in my earlier blog, Observe – Nature has all the answers! Version 1.0, if we try and closely observe nature, God has tried to explain the ways to lead a happy and contended life in very easy yet beautiful ways. Observing and learning from these ways will help each one of us bring in so much of positivity and happiness around us. Guess what, it is totally free and available every where.

Have you ever keenly observed this powerful gift of nature – Trees!

They are one of the very important reasons for life on earth….come on, this much science basics we all know! isn’t it? Plants not only gift us Oxygen, they also are the main source for our other basic necessity for living, yeah – Food.

Briefly, can you imagine, if Trees also became self centered and selfish like humans! I can bet, the world would not have been what it is today! Do you agree?

If we go by the phrase shared above, what can we learn from Trees?

Stay Grounded: It starts with sowing a seed and gradually with lots of patience and tender care and passing time, it becomes a tree! So, learn to be patient, calm and remain focused in struggling times too. Do not compromise on your values, be humble, gentle, caring and look at the people who have less than you and try to help them, whenever you get an opportunity.

When you help others, God sends help for you automatically!

During the journey of becoming a full fledged tree, it has to bear strong winds, sometimes storms, but only the tree that stands these difficult times, gets to bear the fruit. So, learn to stay grounded my friend and you will also blossom soon!

You may also like to read my earlier blog, Stay Grounded, for a detailed perspective.

Keep Growing: Can you stop a tree from growing, provided you don’t cut it? Well, there are so many forests on earth, who waters those plants? Nature does it all by itself and we have numerous varieties of trees, flowers and fruits that grow on earth, isn’t it?

Like Trees, God, Nature, the Universal Power, whatever you wish to call it, wants us also to grow and learn in every phase of our life.

So, do not cry in tough times, observe and learn! May be you got in that phase to learn or explore something within; may be a quality that you possess but you are unaware of and are not utilizing the same.

As parents, we do get tough with our children sometimes, as we know that they are capable of more….. Consider yourself as the child of God and take the test He puts you to! I promise, you will come out more grateful for the difficulties that you have to face! May be not now, but soon in future, you will realize the reason for the tough phases and what great outcome you got from each one of them!

Do not close your doors of hope, keep trying and keep growing my friend!

Learn to Let go: Wow, I like this part of the phrase the most! Imagine, if trees did not let go of the flowers and fruits and oh, before that if they denied giving us the Oxygen that we need to breathe…… Life cannot exist without this unconditional quality of giving by the trees!

On a global perspective, what are we doing to trees in return? Children across the world are getting united on this issue and are questioning our generation for the legacy we will leave behind for them and our future generations! Just some Food for thought…….

Trees teach us the art of giving so beautifully! The fruits and flowers are like the children of trees but they know the best usage for them is to be consumed or cherished while they ripe, else they will rot and get destroyed!

In life, we should also observe our actions, behaviors, activities, relations, etc. that need to Let go and bid adieu to them well in time! But….do we do that?

Most of the times, just out of our fear of change, we restrain ourselves from letting go and from trying something new, something different….. Please remember, if Nature or God or Universal Power sends something our way, it is done for a reason and if we don’t accept the “Pull” then the Nature has to apply the “Push” strategy and that is what we then call as a the struggling times and a low phase! So, learn to embrace the circumstances with an open mind and fill your life with positivity.

Believe me, with a little change in mindset, the struggles will seem like challenging opportunities! Its all in the mind, my friend!

To conclude: Be humble and giving like a Tree. Just keep doing good and the nature will return you in abundance! Learn to embrace the change in your life, be patient while the change happens and have faith that everything is happening as per God’s master plan and the final outcome will be good, that’s positive! Cheer up and keep smiling!

Its just a needle, but….

Once a greedy businessman got really sick and was almost on deathbed. He had only collected wealth for him and his family throughout his life at the cost of troubling and cheating others. At this moment, he was scared of death and was suffering in pain and anxiety. To ease his death, his family approached a renowned saint and requested him to conduct prayers for the dying man and help him attain salvation.

The Saint was a learned man and had many followers. Everyone was looking up to the Saint to help the dying businessman. His family (including his wife and 2 sons), was ready to offer as much wealth and resources required by the Saint and all they asked for was assurance that the businessman dies in peace.

Self check – Can anyone guarantee our salvation?

Well, the Saint very patiently sat next to the businessman while his wife and sons surrounded him. What the Saint said shocked everyone! Wondering what the Saint said?

No worries my son! I can guarantee you salvation but you will have to fulfill just one condition. I will give you a sewing needle that you have to handover to my mother who will meet you at the door of heaven. Just once you give her the needle, she will take you inside heaven and your soul will undoubtedly attain peace and salvation!

Are you also shocked?

This is the truth, my friend. We can collect as much wealth, jewelry, resources in our life but we cannot carry any of these material things when our life journey ends. As simply put by the Saint, we cannot even carry a sewing needle which is so very small and has no weight! Then, why collect so much?

As humans, we have the tendency to feel secure and we get that assurance by collecting resources and wealth. Go on…..collect, no problem… Only thing required is to be a little mindful of the wealth we collect. Is it not wise to concentrate more on collecting the wealth that we is worth the effort and helps us?

Yes, you know very well what all goes with us. All our deeds, i.e. good deeds, the smiles that we create, the love that we spread, the blessings that we gather……all of these and mind you, also all the bad deeds, the tears caused owing to our behavior, cheating, tricking and the abuses and back biting that we do for others.…. hmmm…. yes, all these will go with us.

Remember my earlier blog …Aiming at “Zero” – a state of absolute balance! that explains good deeds and bad deeds buckets in detail. If you have not read it or would like to refresh your memory, please read it by clicking on this link:

We get to chose and decide our journey here that has a direct impact on our journey beyond. So, chose wisely my friend.

To conclude: Be a little selfish to yourself and be mindful in choosing your deeds and actions. Collecting the right wealth and not these materialistic things will benefit your life here and beyond! Believe me, its totally worth your efforts!

Perceptions are seldom right!

Alex overheard these voices from Tom’s house for last three days:

Why don’t you just leave Stella? How many times do I have to tell you the same thing? Oh, don’t bother about Tina, you are not taking her with you at any cost. I won’t let you! Don’t have any doubts, we will manage quite well without you. Now you are leaving or you want me to force you out?

Over hearing such voices coming out of your neighbor’s house, what will you perceive about Tom?

Looks like Tom is a real cruel fellow who is being very harsh with his wife, Stella. He is telling her to leave the house and not allowing her to take her only daughter Tina along with her. Haven’t you perceived this image in your mind already? Well, Alex too had perceived the same and had started hating Tom from the bottom of his heart!

The next day, while in the supermarket Alex saw Stella, Tom’s wife, who looked just fine. Looking at Stella, Alex was a little surprised but still approached her to extend his support and inquire if she needed any help!

Alex invited Stella for coffee in the supermarket cafe and Stella obliged. During the conversation, Alex shared what he had heard and expressed his concern. Stella gazed at Alex in surprise and then put her hand on his hand across the table and smiled πŸ™‚

Thank you Alex for your concern but what you heard and what you perceived are not aligned!

Tom is not a Villain but still my Hero!

What Stella said shocked Alex and might shock you as well……

That’s right that me and Tom have been arguing for the last 3 days; that is also true that he denied me taking Tina along but do you know where was he telling me to go? Well, I had given an audition for a role in a theatre group and forgot about it. Recently, I have received an offer from that same group to join them for a 3 month long world tour. So Tom has been forcing me to live my dream and join the troupe. He has been assuring me with love that it is a life time opportunity and that he will be able to take care of Tina in my absence. Do you still think…..

While Stella explained this she had tears of love and respect for Tom truly visible in her eyes.

What happened to your perception? Did it not take a swing? See…. how perceptions can change!

Hmm…. Coming to the point my friend. Sometimes, by overhearing a conversation or just by having a little glance, we tend to perceive something which could be so much away from the real truth.

Please restrain from making opinions about your friends, peers, relatives, office colleagues or neighbors with little information you have, as the truth may be very very different and you may end up harming their feelings and even their social standing, unknowingly.

What we perceive is what we emit and our friends and followers blindly believe and accept our opinions and perceptions! Don’t they?

It can be really harming to the receiver as our perceptions can influence other people to form their opinions/ perceptions as well. Thus, one misunderstanding can have a disastrous effect on the image of a person or a situation!

Coming back to our story, Alex was sorry for what he perceived but also thankful that he met Stella well in time that gave him an opportunity to clarify his doubts and mend his perception about Tom.

What do you think Alex would have done if he had met Tom instead of Stella in the supermarket that day? Well, believe me, he would have continued to retain his perception of Tom as a cruel husband and would not have spoken to him at all. Do you agree?

This is what we do most of the times! Once we have a negative perception about someone, we try to close our doors on them, without giving them any chance to explain their behavior! A coin has two sides to it, right?

Do not let one sided information become a perception. For your own good and also for the good of the receiver, please make informed decisions and form well balanced perceptions after analyzing all facts. If you are not sure, just say that you don’t have enough information to form an opinion rather than sharing your opinion.

We are humans and what others think about us, matters to us a lot, my friend! So please have a heart!

To conclude: Do not judge based on half information. Either don’t have an opinion but if you want to take a stand, then, it is a must to listen to both sides of the story with an open mind. Be mindful of sharing your perceptions, if you are not sure, as those who believe you, will make their opinions based on yours! Thus, be responsible!

Why wait for a rainy day to ask?

Have you ever got stranded in heavy rain……water clogged all around! You are not even equipped with an umbrella or a rain coat and to top it all you are getting late for a crucial meeting. Looking for a shed to avoid getting drenched in rain and somewhere deep in your heart, you are questioning – “Why me?”

Am I right?

When we are troubled, disturbed, uncomfortable, unhappy, demotivated, etc. etc. what is the first thing we do – We question God, Almighty, the power (you can name it whatever you believe in) and try to put the blame on Him for all the troubles and issues that we face in our lives.

With tears flowing our eyes, we keep asking, Why me?

But do we really have to wait for a rainy day or troubled times to ask this lovely question to God – Why me?

Can we try to approach this same question a little differently and see what power and positivity we can bring in our lives with this same question?

The only change that we have to bring is to ask this question to ourselves every morning. Yes, you read it right!

Ask yourself every morning – Why me?

Ask “Why me” for every blessing that God has bestowed on you. Just after you wake up each morning, take a brief moment to observe your blessings – starting with your fully working body parts to your surroundings, your family members, your job, your friends, your house, your bike/car……this list can get endless! You will be amazed with the kind of happiness and positivity you will feel right at the start of the day!

Try creating a daily log of smileys πŸ™‚ and sad faces 😦 and I can bet that you will have 90% smiles πŸ™‚ and 10% sad faces 😦 at the max, that is when you are really really in trouble. But….what do we give importance to?

Especially in troubled times, we forget to show our gratitude for the basics and just keep focusing on our problem and keep complaining. If our body parts didn’t work well or we didn’t have the roof on our head, etc. etc., things could get worse but are we thankful for all those blessings, of course not, because we think all that is granted, it is our right but really is it??

This little practice will not only keep you happy and contented for the good times but will also gradually prepare you for the rainy days in your life. Wondering how?

Well, when you will start understanding and appreciating and thanking God for the abundant blessings He has showered on you regularly then, even during difficult times too, you will be able to notice that you still have enough reasons to thank God than to blame Him for the little trouble that you are facing for the time being.

Believe me, gradually, this little change in our mindset can do wonders in handling difficult situations with a less complaining and a more accepting approach. Remember, it is all part of the master plan and what we sow is what we reap!

So, my friend, keep doing good and accept the will of the divine with smile and gratitude! Positivity and happiness guaranteed for life!

To conclude: Remember to be thankful for what you have as our count of blessings always surpasses our troubles. Stop complaining and learn to be happy and grateful for what you have, as you don’t know but your life is indeed a dream of many….

Aww..consoling little Tina?

Tina, my friend’s 3 year old daughter was wailing and crying away to glory! She was just unstoppable. Her mother Lisa, a close friend of mine, was trying every possible trick to talk to her, to convince her that everything was all right. But…!! Tina had closed all channels, she was not listening at all! She was just unstoppable!

I inquired from Lisa about the issue. Hiding her smile what she told me had me in splits for a few seconds. Wondering what was it that made Tina howl and cry?

Well, Tina by mistake had eaten a few seeds of an apple and now from a story that she was told in her play school, she was very sure a tree will grow in her tummy and soon in the future, apples will start oozing out from her mouth πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Though initially I did laugh out on the thought but soon I started appreciating the power of imagination of her little mind!

My mind went into a quest thinking about anything that once taken as a seed can actually literally grow and become bigger and stronger within us! Just like the tree gives fruits, what fruits can come from these seeds?

Any guesses, what it is?

Yes, my friend! You guessed it right! It is indeed my personal favorite “Positivity”!

Just imagine, once the seeds of positivity are sown within us, what a splendid human being we will become! Ideally this should be done at a young age or more so, while we are still children! When our thoughts are positive right from the foundation level, we will be able to see the brighter side of things, even when the things are not happening as per our plan, right?

But its never too late!

How about sowing the seed of positivity within us today?

Patience is the key here! We all understand that a seed does not turn into a tree overnight! It needs constant nourishment and tender care to grow. And then there is hope that one day it will surely turn into a full fledged tree!

Positivity, love, happiness, hope, motivation, encouragement, tenderness, warmth, empathy, etc. etc. Awww…. thinking about what fruits this tree can bear actually gives me goosebumps!!

I wish I could console Tina with this explanation and make her smile but I am afraid she is too young to understand but how about us?

For a moment, be as childlike as my little Tina and create this vision, do the act of planting the seed and feel the power! Wow! imagining this, I literally felt the saplings of positivity in me growing gradually and I have hope that one day a tree will surely stand! Believe me, give it a try! it is totally worth the effort!

Have you wondered that most of the times, when things don’t happen our way, trust me they are not always wrong, they are just different. When we have a positive approach, we will have a receiving mind that will allow us to accept circumstances resulting in abundance of happiness, smiles and contentment.

Let us try to inspire our children, our partners, our friends and peers to also sow their seeds soon, so we can look forward to creating a great positive environment full of happiness and smiles all around. Can you help me please? Believe me, if not today, someday when Tina understands all this, she will be very happy and thankful to us for taking inspiration from her story in creating a better tomorrow for her and for all of us:)

Helping to conclude: Please always remember that we all need positivity in our lives and the onus is on us to create, embrace and spread it. Every little effort will count in this journey called life. Patience is the key as the changes will take time but the result is guaranteed!

Oh! no more, I am Done!

When life was created on earth, only the ‘Needs‘ for their survival were defined! Then came the ‘Wants’ and since then, there is no dearth for choices! Do you agree?

Do you also wonder, how much is really needed to lead a healthy & happy life?

Believe me, it is very very minimal to what we have already gathered till now and each day we all join this rat race to capture more and more, so that we can satiate our wants. Is there an end to this ever, I am afraid not!

The most difficult task for human being is to get contented!

While traveling, imagine yourself at a breakfast buffet that is included with your room charge. I can bet that atleast 95% if not 99% of the times, you will end up over-eating because you have so much available at your disposal. Am I right?

Once we are done, we already know and our inner instincts tell us to STOP and you end up saying, “Oh! no more, I am DONE!”

Now I am wondering, if someone tries to show you an interesting dessert at that instance, how will you react? Most probably, you will wish to look the other side or you will puke! Yucky…. but true, isn’t it!

Like the physical aspect, we have a level of being done with other things too! Within ourselves we need to introspect and know what to do when with our materialistic wants. Like food, we should be aware to say “Oh! no more, I am Done” for these material things too!

These wants could be as small as buying new clothes every now and then to purchasing fancy gadgets and cars.

Watch out your activities, introspect your needs and wants.

Draw your own boundaries and define your level of contentment and then have the courage to announce more to yourself than to the world that yes, now “I am Done!”

Define your own timelines, clarify your targets and then promise yourself that hereafter, I will do everything to be happy and positive rather than fighting for achieving this and that….Learn to say NO to further indulgence!

Being happy, living your life, spending time with your family, enjoying the little moments is what we all strive for! Believe me, most these things do not cost much provided we learn to get contented in life. In this materialistic world, we are indeed spoilt for choices!

Choice is ours! We can gather happiness & positivity or we can keep struggling by collecting more and more things! What say?

We all are aware about this fact that we have got limited time and once this time is gone, it will never come back, so we need to use it wisely! But do we?

Perfection differs – depends how you like your Cup of Tea!

A cup of tea that may be perfect for one may taste horrendous for the other!

Some like it with milk some without, some like it with a pinch of sugar some fully loaded, some like it boiled while others may like simple tea bag tea. Some may like to add condiments like cardamom, cinnamon, herbs and few even black pepper! Oh, the variations can be numerous and end less!

Wondering why am I talking about Tea recipes all of a sudden!

Don’t worry, I remain motivated to share my feelings about life balance and positivity through these blogs and not changing directions :). I would to take this opportunity to thank my readers for sharing appreciation and comments.

One of the feedback that I have constantly received is to share some ways to remain positive. A mantra that can be helpful; and that is the reason why I took up this example of different preferences of Tea and individual choices.

My friend, to begin with let me tell you that there is no perfect recipe for being positive and being motivated in life. It solely depends on You. Yes you & only you!

If it was so straight forward our teachers would have taught us this mantra in school itself and for everybody life would have been so easy but I am afraid that is not the case 😦

Being positive is more about your own conviction, your inner calling! Hope you agree!

I can only help you with the preparation part of it with the below sharing:

  • FIND YOUR POSITIVE CONNECT: We are so lucky to have access to internet! There is so much content available online in the form of Videos, stories, write-ups, etc. that we can never be done! Explore your choices both online and offline. I am sure, soon you will be able to find a session, a trainer, a writer, a holy scripture, a preacher, a guide, a management guru or someone else whose talks will bring that conviction and motivation in you. This is the most difficult part and once this is done, you are all set. Once you find your Teacher, your guide then the rest is history, believe me! For some this exploration is quick and for some, it may take longer but be positive and if you are seeking it with a true intention, it won’t be far!
  • EMBRACE IT WITH YOUR HEART AND SOUL: Now that you have a teacher, be attentive, learn from every lesson taught. Get hooked on to it. Be alert, create your points while you watch, listen or read and be conscious to Embrace those little tips into your daily life;
  • ME TIME: Now you have to bring in these tricks and tips into practical execution, so some moments of Introspection during the day, preferably first thing in the morning or last thing in the night is essential to begin this journey; Ask yourself what went right and what did not go the way you would have ideally liked it! Be your best critic! Tip – Reading your notes from the lessons learnt so far before starting your introspection will be very helpful!
  • LOG IT: Reflect on your thoughts after introspection – create a journal to log in your feelings; Tip – Write in points and write the right and not so right ones with different colors. That will help for a quicker review πŸ™‚
  • CHECK IT: Regularly Review your journal to see the changes and hopefully, you will see that this little exercise is helpful; Gradually, the not so right color will start becoming lesser and lesser! When you are self conscious of your actions then improvements are ought to happen! Please don’t be too harsh on yourself and don’t expect instant results. You did not learn the entire vocabulary in one day, it took you years right and even now, we are not perfect, so just keep trying and you will do good for yourself, I am sure πŸ™‚

If you thought, I will have some easy trick to share, I am afraid but there is no easy way out of this my friend. To each his own!

Its your life and every effort to make it positive and happy is worth it! Isn’t it!

I encourage you to give this a try and see the outcome. I am no management guru but I am positive and confident that these little efforts of introspection and reflection will bring in pleasant changes in the way you are dealing with the life’s challenges!

I would love to hear your story, when do you plan to start or if you already have another mechanism in place from which all of us can benefit! Kindly share in the comments section below.

Yes- you are responsible!

We are so driven by our own thoughts! Aren’t we?

Have you wondered that it just takes thoughts for a pauper to feel like a king and a king to feel like a pauper!

Imagine you are having a shitty day at office, nothing seems to be working right. The mails are piling up in your inbox but you are just not in the mood to work. You are so gloomy and demotivated that you are only wishing for the day to end, so you can go home and relax over a glass of chilled beer. πŸ™‚

While you are in your most sulky mood and complaining for everything around, you receive a call to interview for a position you have been longing for quite some time.

Now, everything else has remained same but what has this little hope done to your mood?

You feel so motivated, driven, aspiring and most importantly you are HAPPY πŸ™‚

Mind you, it is just a call for interview and thus, I call it hope because there will be many like you or may be better than you who will be appearing for the same position. Okay, okay, I don’t wish to demotivate you here, see, I have put some doubts alongside your hope and now your very happy mood thinking about the new prospective job got a little less brighter than they were in the beginning! Isn’t it?

Want to go a little further, let’s try this!

While you are in the cafeteria for lunch that day, you overheard a senior colleague of yours mentioning about the same interview call he/she has also received. Dreams shattered already, aren’t they?

Depending on what your thoughts are about this senior colleague of yours, you may already lose the battle mentally to him or her in your thoughts even before facing that interview. You are now contemplating if there is a point in even appearing for this interview!

Yet again, without anyone doing anything, you in your thoughts and emotions feel doomed, more demotivated and your sorrow is peaking at a very different level now! Am I right? You may think that you were better off not receiving that interview call altogether 😦

Wow! did you observe that no body has said anything or done anything but what you think is impacting your mood each minute.

Coming back to the scenario above, if you have a positive approach, you may also think that the company invited you too as they find you competitive enough; even though they have your senior colleagues credentials as well for comparison. So be positive, prepare well and go for it my friend:) Kill the interview and win that job! Atleast attempt with your 100% efforts.

A simple question that we need to ask ourselves- Who is responsible?

Only questioning is not enough, we have to convince ourselves that – We are ourselves responsible about how we feel in any circumstances.

You may not have anything but if you are keeping your mind frame positive, you can feel like a King; or you may have everything but owing to your negative thoughts, you may feel you are the biggest sufferer in this world!

We all have seen and experienced these situations! Visualize this: You are crying & complaining for a little hurting corn on your feet and then a man smilingly walks by limping on one leg. πŸ™‚ Somewhere, you feel ashamed of yourself for complaining for nothing!! Don’t you?

Believe me, we are totally driven by what we think and the imagination we create within. We need to be more conscious in our approach and like we train our children, one step at a time, we have to gradually train our mind to consume and entertain only positive thoughts and let go of all the negativity.

If you have been reading my earlier blogs especially Life – its so unpredictable!, Watch out – it could be a sign!, Why did you meet them?, Aiming at “Zero” – a state of absolute balance!, etc. you will relate to the fact that God’s master plan is already in place and we are just actors fulfilling our designated roles.

All will end well my friend, just act well and the life Oscar’s will be all yours !! πŸ™‚ Good luck and smile!

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