Stay grounded!

God forbid, for a moment just imagine yourself amidst a mid-air emergency! What do you think the airline staff on board will be screaming the most –hold on firmly to something, i.e. stay grounded! What they intend to convey is please don’t move, don’t react, don’t apply your mind too much, just stay as is and we will help you to safety. Right?

Terrified to think about this scene! I am too!

Believe me or not, under any emergency situation including the one mentioned above, we show full faith in the authority and let them take charge. Ideally speaking, that is indeed the right thing to do!

On the contrary, whenever we have situations in our personal life, both good as well as bad, we seem to forget that God is the real incharge! Isn’t He?

We get so much sucked in our sense of doer-ship and tend to behave like we are the drivers and try to take responsibility for everything big and small, good and bad. The laurels and the blame game is never ending and continues for our entire life time.

In these moments, we should remind ourselves about God’s master plan and that everything that happens is according to His plan. Believe it or not, the end is always good, rather perfect in the bigger picture of things.

For a great life, let go of this sense of doer-ship!

Have full faith in God and just remember this fact that the end result will be positive. You may not be able to see the positive outcome readily and may realize its benefits some time later. It may take days, months, years or decades but surety is that you will one day realize the positivity of every circumstance in your life 🙂

Don’t jump with excitement and harp your laurels in happy times and don’t cry and sob too much when you are anxious and worried. Just Stay Grounded; like a boat on steady waters. Believe you me, you will reach your final destination calm, composed and wiser.

Why did you meet them?

Have you ever wondered why some people are so helpful and send you good vibes while some you just can’t stand!

We all know that God cannot practically come down to help us in our times of need and also to punish us for the bad deeds that are done along the way. God is a great mathematician and there are no biases in the house of God. Everything is based on logic.

For better understanding, I request you to read my earlier blog, if you have not read it already! Aiming at “Zero”- a state of absolute balance! (

It is indeed very difficult or rather impossible for normal human soul to reach this state of “Zero” in one or even few birth cycles. Only when we are blessed with the arrival/introduction of a Guru, a Teacher or a Guide in our life who then teaches us to negate the good and bad deeds and helps us to reach a state of absolute balance, a state of Zero. This Guru, Teacher or Guide could be in the form of another human being who has attained divine wisdom or it could also be a holy scripture like Geeta, Bible, Quran, etc. (Promise to write another follow up blog to elaborate this part!)

Coming back to the topic, while we are stuck in this circle of life and death, our each interaction with living souls (all forms of life included), result in creation of deeds – good as well as bad.

To explain with an example, recall the last few years of your life and look out for numerous people who were so important during that phase. Do they even exist in your life now? Well, at that moment, you could not have imagined your life without them but after giving you the joy or agony for whatever they had to settle account for, they don’t exist in your life! Am I right?

Mind you, this exchange is not just restricted to humans but goes the same way for all living souls. You visit a friends house and ironically their very friendly pet pounces on you every time you visit their house. Have you wondered why? Could be owing to some unaccounted score that you may have with that pet from your past life 🙂

Putting it simply, the person who extended unexpected help out of the blue may have a good deed settlement pending from some earlier birth and once they have balanced out their account with you, the ways get parted automatically. The only thing left behind is beautiful memories that you can cherish!

Similarly, for those who have unfinished business with us for the bad deeds account from past lives, bring agony, hurdles, sorrow and pain in our lives. So when you receive agony from a friend, your boss, an acquaintance and sometimes even strangers, just consider it as an act of balancing out.

Next time you have an unpleasant experience with someone, please don’t get too affected. Give them a thank you from the bottom of your heart as with their acts they are helping you in your ultimate journey to reach the Zero state. Also, your calm and unruffled approach may help you earn some good deed credits that will help you empty your remaining bad deeds bucket with ease! Convinced?

Convinced or not! Either way I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. Looking forward to hearing from each one of you!

Aiming at “Zero” – a state of absolute balance!

During our journey of life, we continuously keep performing deeds almost every other second. If as an administrator, one is told to keep track of the deeds of few persons for just one day, believe me, that person will go crazy in maintaining the record.

God is a great mathematician and everything in God’s working is based on clear logic! Mind you, bribes and back-end entry is not allowed….

To put things in perspective, let us imagine that depending on the nature of each deed, they fall in one of the two buckets:- Good deed or Bad deed.

Be sure that for all the Good deeds collected in your bucket throughout your life, you will be paid positively by God in one way or the other. You may get some unexpected help, win a jackpot, receive the love that you longed for; ideally, you will receive something good in return of your good deeds. Though, as humans we have no control on what we will get in return to which deed, so stop doing good deeds with a target result in your mind! Just keep doing good and leave the rest to God. He knows better for us than we know! Agree?

We all know that in Hindu holy scripture “Geeta”, Lord Krishna told Arjun to keep doing good deeds and not worry about the outcome!

Now, same happens with Bad deeds too! For whatever you have collected in that bad deeds bucket, you will have to bear the agony, pain, hardships, unexpected losses, etc. Again, what we will get for which deed is not known to us.

Before leaving this body, we have to balance out and bear the fruits of our good deeds as well as agony and pain of our bad deeds too. Mind you, there is no provision of setting off the bad deeds by doing more good deeds. Confused?

In maths, remember the rule, two negatives can get added but the sign will still be minus! Same way, to get rid of that negative sign, we have to get rid of the bad deeds from our life completely, there is no short cut to that!

Reaching a state of Zero has no shortcuts. One cannot bargain to cut down on bad deeds for the accumulated good deeds done! We have to bear the result of both!

To look at the positive side, if your good deeds bucket is over flowing, then, even when you are bearing the pain and agony for your bad deeds, God will send help in one form or the other.

Remember that man who helped you in the hospital on your last visit get you appointment out of line or the kind lady who gave you lift to the airport while you were stranded in a foreign land to catch your flight on time.

So start getting mindful when doing anything to ensure that going forward, we are not adding anything to our bad deeds bucket and keep filling out good deeds buckets so that it overflows all the time. Then, the left over from the bad deeds will be taken care smoothly, isn’t it?

Have you wondered the reason why some people who are so happy and contented in their life, may be they have emptied their bad deeds bucket and now enjoying the fruits being offered to them for the accumulated deeds in their good deeds bucket! Wow, I would like to reach that stage soon! Won’t you?

Let us try to balance things now and may be we will reach a stage of “Zero”- a state of absolute balance, to get eternal peace, freedom from the journey of life and death! Oh, this got intense!

Hope I got you thinking! If I did, please do leave a comment down. Looking forward to know your thoughts and comments to explore this journey of life together!

“Undo” button! Not available in real life!!

Have you ever wondered if tackling matters of life were as easy as working on computer? Just press the Undo button and we can get rid of the wrong actions taken and start afresh.

Alas, that can’t be! In life, we have to be careful with anything and everything we do, say and sometimes even think.

For those who have used the typewriter will know that while typing a sheet, even if you realized your mistake just after punching, the only option was to reverse and add crosses on top of the error or use whitener and then type on top of it. In either case, you know that the mark will be clearly visible on your sheet. Can you relate?

In real life, we have this magic word “Sorry”. This word has actually become an integral part of our lives, isn’t it?. You know what Sorry literally means – feeling regret or penitence.

The quote below has captured the thought so aptly:

“Sorry does not make a dead man alive!”

Please remember that saying sorry may give you an opportunity to regret your actions and apologize but it does not have the ability to undo the damage completely. Coming back to the example of typed sheet, every mistake leaves an impression behind and mostly sore one’s! Does it make sense?

For every unpleasant incident, the emotional stress and agony the receiving person goes through definitely leaves negative impact on their mind and heart. It not only affects the quality of your relationship with that person but also gathers a lot of negativity for you as the doer.

Your professional position or social stature may fetch you external respect from people. But if we are longing for their love and real respect then there is a need to introspect our every action and ensure that we eliminate our behavioral mistakes before we commit them. It will help us reduce negativity and will also help in generating positive energy around us.

To bring to practice, analyze your day before you sleep to mentally review the instances from the day gone by. Think of all that you would like to Undo from that day and do it differently. A notebook or your smartphone will come handy for reference.

Believe me awareness is the key!

Once we get aware about our unwanted actions and the frequency at which we still continue to do them. Gradually we will be able to turn towards more and more positive outcomes! You will experience incredible satisfaction by taking these little steps to a fuller and meaningful life!

Would love to hear from you if you try the notebook recording to shift from a Undo to Redo mode! Do share if you apply some other tricks to avoid your “Undo” situations in life!

Positive reflections

Once a teenaged boy complained to his teacher that he has no friends, nobody talks to him. The teacher had been observing the boy for last few days in the class already and he had noticed that this boy’s behaviour was rude with everyone. He used to snap at anyone who he interacted with and wanted everything his way. On top of it he was also a big complaint box!

The teacher was very learned, so he thought of teaching the boy with a live example. He calmed the boy down and told him to bring a mirror with him the next day. The boy was astonished and curious about this mirror thing, thinking what would the teacher do.

The next morning, this boy came running to the teacher holding a half body size mirror with him. As soon as he placed the mirror down; Guess what! the teacher told him to drop the mirror and break it! The boy was shocked and reconfirmed the instructions 5 times from the teacher! Why did you tell me to bring it if you wanted me to break it? The teacher looked at him with a calm expression and told him if you want answer to your problem, go ahead and drop it!

There were fragments of mirror everywhere on the floor. The teacher then told the boy to look at the images reflecting in the mirror and make an angry expression on his face. The boy was losing his patience and getting angry with the teacher anyways, so that was not difficult!

What do you see in the mirror pieces? asked the teacher

The boy replied, obviously angry faces. The teacher then told the boy to make a funny face and he did.

What do you see now?

My reflections making funny faces at me too, what else!

The teacher could judge that the boy was losing patience. So to get to the point, he told him, ok smile now, you are about to make friends soon! The boy couldn’t understand what the teacher meant but he obliged. As soon as the boy smiled, he saw all the mirror reflections smiling and that automatically brought out a genuine smile on his face. This smile traveled to his heart and he not only got the message but also felt it emotionally.

To conclude, what we give is reflected back at us, so smile and be positive. When you have a positive mindset, believe me you will reflect positivity all around.

Every morning when you look in the mirror, remind yourself of this little story and smile 🙂 and promise yourself to see more of these smile reflections on the faces of everyone you interact with that day! I promise you that you will be proud of your efforts when you will see yourself in the same mirror every night!

Be watchful as not everyone you will meet will be in a happy and positive frame of mind! You will have to fight out many negative reflections, frowns, teary faces and sadness; please do not get boggled down and keep going. I know its not easy to spread positivity in a negative environment, but for filling the ocean every drop counts!

Did you just smile? did you?

Hold on to your smile and happy reflections and soon your positivity will start reflecting around you. Check it for yourself!

Be mindful of what you are reflecting every day, as the energy you send out is the same energy that reflect back to you too! Reflect right 🙂

Fearing the unknown!

As humans, we have been gifted with the capacity to imagine things in our mind. Now, what we think, dream and imagine solely depends on us!

To set the ball rolling, I looked up the meaning of “Fear” in the dictionary and it is mentioned as an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.

Recall some important chapters of your life while you were struggling! You will notice that in all those phases, there are some constant factors – Negative imagination, unpleasant emotions, threat of danger, pain, anxiety….or to simply put it FEAR!

While we are anxious, our ability to imagine negatively is at its peak and we develop this “fear of the unknown“. We start imagining the worst in our mind for the situation that we are in and start getting more and more worried and scared! Ironically, we struggle and punish ourselves emotionally much more than it is actually required or worth it.

“What if” – can you relate with this term? When we are in difficult situations, this little term – What if – plays havoc with our mind. We keep enhancing the probability of the problem multifold in our own head resulting in more anxiety, more fear and sadness. In reality, things may not go wrong beyond 10- 20% but here we are with our imagination already fearing the situation getting 200% worse and backing it up with tears, sorrow, gloom and demotivation. Do you agree?

Next time you are in a situation, try this little trick of positive thinking! Tame your mind to think and imagine positive outcomes to the situation and don’t let your mind take the negative road it has always taken. Believe me, it will be difficult for the initial few times but once in practice, your life journey will become a much pleasant and happy experience!

God has the masterplan and His plan is way beyond our imagination. So keep faith, think positive and let go of your fears!

Hope you can relate to this! I will be glad to receive your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below.

Thank God life is not a “bed of roses”!

You must have also come across that old English expression “Bed of roses” relating to life. Out of curiosity, I just checked the meaning of the phrase on Wikipedia and it says “carefree life“. This expression has been widely used to express a wonderful life without any worries or difficulties.

Well, imagine for a second sleeping literally on a bed of roses. It may feel great for initial 15 minutes but post that I am sure it will start irritating you a lot. Forget about sound sleep, you won’t get any sleep at all. You may also start getting itchy in the bargain :). Mind you, it won’t take long for the perfume and aroma of the roses to turn to unbearable foul smell with each passing minute!

The point I wish to make here is what looks so beautiful in our imagination figuratively may not be a great experience literally.

We can ask for an uneventful life but mind you it will get real boring pretty soon! Think of a life that is carefree and relaxed all through with a set routine for everything. You have time for sleeping, eating, leisure, etc. but without any challenges. You can play but no one wins and no one loses. It will be such a drag, isn’t it?

To make life an exciting and a fulfilling experience, we need our dose of challenges to maintain that balance. These challenges and the down moments as I called it in my last blog (check it out if you haven’t read it yet!), are crucial to help us get a holistic view on life. Ideally, it is owing to these downs that we can appreciate the ups in our life. Do you agree?

Ok, think about this! In life which memories do we cherish more?

Are those the ones where everything was great and perfect, just like the expression of “bed of roses”!


The ones when we got through tough circumstances, struggled and then finally sailed through?

Would you need a minute to think, no I know you gave an instant answer for the latter, isn’t it !! 🙂

That is how we like our life with a pinch of salt! These ups and downs, few challenges that we win and the memories that we create along the way through this journey called life is what makes a memorable experience. It would be so boring if life went in a straight line or only had an upward trend to it. We tend to enjoy the ups more only when we have experienced the downs and we know how it feels being both ways!

So, I pray to God for blessing me with a balanced life and not just a bed of roses 😉 How about you?

Life – its so unpredictable!

Life, a simple 4 letter word is a journey that each one of us has to go through! Its a journey that we solely endure and go through its ups and downs coming at a random pace.

Some ups and downs, especially downs, we can foresee coming and we kind of prepare ourselves mentally to handle those, e.g. some known health issues, few relationship constraints and disconnects, work related problems, etc.

During the ups, we get to see only the brighter side of things and it looks like a dream come true and while we are deeply engrossed enjoying the pleasures of life; Boom!! comes a jerk that drives us off our feet! Can you relate?

Imagine if we are always ready for whatever came our way and accepted it as God’s will.

Ironically, we are very biased towards these situations. The good ones we want to take the credit ourselves and the bad ones are promptly put in God’s kitty. Have a look at a few examples below:

I have worked so hard to get this promotion! – The doer is I with no reference to God’s will.

I have burned the mid night oil to earn this degree! – Here again, the doer is I

Oh, I didn’t clear that exam, must be God’s will!as soon as something negative is referred, we never lose a chance to blame it on God.

Like it or not, everything indeed is happening as per God’s will and it is this sense of doer-ship that we possess that enhances our ego and brings more pain than happiness. Because when we are so filled up with this ego and especially when the things around us are going in the direction we want them to go, we start thinking and believing that we are the doer, but are we the doer?

God has created the master plan and He knows and has already fitted everything and everyone in the scheme of things for a perfect outcome. But our vision is limited and inspired by our current circumstances, our past experiences and our future aspirations.

God is not a critic and He knows our caliber and capabilities much more than we ourselves know. We may underestimate and underplay our capabilities sometimes but God has His own strange ways of putting us in situations where we get a chance to polish our strengths and perform and most of times, out – perform our own expectations. I am sure, each one of us has a few examples of this scenario, isn’t it?

Ideally, when God has bigger plans for us than our own aspirations, that is when directions change, perspectives differ, decisions turn and we are taken aback shocked, devastated and sometimes broken.

Recall some important situations from your past and you will notice that God may have given you much more than what you even aspired to achieve. So let go of this sense of doer-ship, try to be happy in the will of God. I am positive this will help you enhance your chances of growth and prosperity manifold. Don’t hold back, give it a try with complete faith!

Time to take a “Pause”!

Look at the brighter side of things! Think positively 🙂

Think yourself as an “Actor” in a movie and God as the “Director”. Now, the final run of the movie is being played in front of you before the movie is released and there is a chance only for some cosmetic changes but the story line needs to remain as is! Confused?

I mean to talk about Karma, the good deeds that we do during the course of our life. By cosmetic changes, I mean, you can continue to do good deeds all along and these will help make your life’s experience more fulfilling and beautiful. But please remember! the story line cannot change! What you have already sown, you will have to reap as part of the story’s present outcome.

In return of your good deeds and good Karma, God will give you the strength to bear the struggles that you have to go through in your life. Also, your self awareness that you are not the doer will help you in dealing with situations with a calm mind and least anxiety.

Though life is unpredictable but as per God’s master plan it is full of more surprises than shocks for each one of us! Agree?

Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

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