“Over” a perfect recipe for disaster!

Do you know that there is a very thin line between enough and too much!

Can’t agree more with the phrase: Too much of everything is bad!

Whenever there is a need to add the prefix “Over”; it implies that we are doing that activity in excess or too much than required.

Over-eating, over-sleeping, over-thinking, over-curiosity, over-caring, etc. and you know the most damaging one is the over-confidence!

Have you ever wondered the great message, the great learning hidden in the nature of the most common food ingredient – SALT!

Scenario 1: You realized that your cooked dish has less salt! Can you do something?

  • Of course, you can add little more salt and mix it to make it taste perfect.
  • Even if you can’t, you can still manage to eat it. Though you may not relish that dish too much but you can surely eat it! You agree?

Scenario 2: You have over-salted your cooked dish 😦 What can be done now?

  • Well, like you could add from top in Scenario 1, you don’t have an option of taking out the additional salt from your dish! I am afraid. Once its done its done!
  • You can throw this one and make the dish again.
  • Or add more grains and ingredients to balance the salt content. Whatever you do, the required taste won’t come, I promise you that from my own experience.

From our day to day life, shall we now analyze few similar behaviour examples:

Under the influence of your over confidence, incase you spoke rudely to someone, can you take your words back, indeed not!

If you are over-anxious before your interview, can you perform to the best of your ability; you know the answer, you can’t right!

Try exploring the internet for the ill effects on health from over-eating, over-sleeping, over-thinking, etc.; you will be shocked.

We all are fully aware of our own habits and exactly know which all things we are over-doing, don’t we?

I encourage you to introspect and reflect on your own individual habits and act cautiously next time around, especially with those specific habits. It will be helpful, I promise!

We have options available with us only till we are within the boundary of enough

And if we choose wisely, we can enhance the experience and make it memorable just like a sumptuous dish with the right amount of salt.

But once we have reached the edge and start over-doing anything, it becomes the perfect recipe for disaster! Am I right?

Personally, I feel that Salt also signifies the importance of “balance”. Neither too less, nor too much is good. I also love the fact that though Salt does not seem to have any identity of its own, its kind of self-less but still it is the most important ingredient of our food.

Watch out and be cautious in keeping yourself under constant check! If you can restrain yourself from crossing that line, you will be able to enjoy a more loving, healthy and a fulfilling life. Believe me, this self-awareness will also help you in taking more positive and appropriate decisions.

I encourage you to observe the nature’s elements as each one of them is trying to teach us something important. These little learnings can enhance our life experiences each day!

Would love to hear your comments in the section below.

Watch out – it could be a sign!

The universe sends us signals and warnings from time to time! Do you agree?

You took the effort of deciding in advance on Sunday night about what clothes you will wear to office the following morning to avoid the Monday morning rush, ironed it, all set. After shower, you wore the shirt, ready to leave for that important meeting and Boom!! that last sip of coffee got splashed all over your shirt!!

Down goes your mood :(. Frustration and anger clearly visible on your face now!

The next, you are standing in front of your cupboard looking out for another pre-ironed shirt that can be combined with the trousers you are already wearing.

Think if this is the first time that has happened to you or is it every time you tried to plan your Monday morning or it could be with each time you planned to wear that specific shirt.

It could be a sign!!

Try to think through the message universe is trying to convey to you.

Mind you, not all such instances are signs but when its a sign, somehow you will know. When you close your eyes for a moment, your heart will help you in deciphering and deciding.

It may have happened to get you delayed from the train (you were about to catch) that met with an accident; while you were still at home – an important courier got delivered carrying the good news you were heartily awaiting or could be some other wacky reason.

These signs may seem very illogical to an intellectual mind but to understand the power, just talk to someone who was a no-show on the flight that crashed mid-air? Hearing their real life experiences, you will realize that the universe played its part by doing things that caused the required delay for them restraining them to board those dreadful flights and saved their lives. I know that vice versa situation will also be true but that’s too depressing, so let’s us not visualize that scenario! Let us remain positive and pray for everyone’s wellness! πŸ™‚

Not all signs lead to frustrations, at times, they may end up saving lives!

It is wise to observe and take help of these signs; benefit from the overall universal master plan rather than sulk and get angry!! It’s a known fact that whatever has to happen will happen and universe will create circumstances to make you reach where you ought to be at a specific moment. So why resist?

If you can’t figure out the reason, still, don’t underestimate the power of signs! Go with the flow and you will discover the reasons sooner or later!

Convinced, are you? Either ways, please do leave your feedback in the comments section below. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Yippee, just crossed level 40; Are you still stuck?

Playing puzzle games is so much fun, right; especially the one’s where the difficulty keeps enhancing with each passing level. Its my favorite pass time and I am sure many of my friends reading this too are addicted to some kind of games to relax their mind. Are you with me?

Thanks to smartphones, there are so many interesting games available to keep you mentally occupied and help you de-stress. Okay okay, I can’t miss mentioning Candy Crush, here πŸ™‚ Crossing each level in these games is so satisfying; My mom who has recently got hooked on to Candy Crush, you can see the level of contentment she has every time she victoriously crosses each level. πŸ™‚

If you are a gamer, you will also relate to the feeling of frustration of getting stuck at a particular level. I hate to use hints and want to kill the level all on my own! But few are so tricky and nasty that you just want to get over with those in a jiffy. So hints surely come handy. πŸ˜‰

Have you observed that when you are in a flow, you can cross one level after the other as you get the knack of solving that puzzle, learn the strategy that’s been set around those levels and gradually you keep enhancing your learning and moving ahead!

Recently, I stared playing a puzzle game and just after I cleared the set of levels marked as “Warm up”, I tried attempting a puzzle from “Intermediate” level, which was after skipping “Beginner” and “Easy” levels, thinking that now I understand how to solve and will nail it in first go! Do you think I could do even the first puzzle?

Obviously not! After giving 3-4 tries, I understood, that I have to return to “Beginner” level and gradually come to this one to be able to solve. By the way, I have now cleared “Intermediate” level and mid way to “Medium” level already! Yippee!

What’s in the game that I wish to convey here?

I think our life is also like a puzzle game that we need to solve! Ironically, like the levels, in real life that gets replaced by our age. The challenges for 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s and so on, are sometimes so typical! Do you agree?

Like in the game, can we not consider every up and down moment in our life as a level that we are required to cross? Just a little sportsman spirit and we will be able to cross this journey of life happy, excited and full of energy.

Well, there will be moments when we will get stuck and feel frustrated and lost; but if we can learn to take it in a challenging way like we do in the game, we will be able to cross every hurdle without losing our positivity and morale.

Believe me, every down in life makes you tougher and stronger, so don’t get scared of trying. You will cross it for sure; though for some levels you just need little more perseverance than the rest. Look around for hints!

Mind you, balance is still the key!

Don’t try to jump and play intermediate level before you have crossed the earlier levels as we need to understand that like in the game, also in life we grow and mature gradually; learn the strategy of things and also how to crack them to win it!

Your parents, friends, acquaintances, even your own children may be able to give you some “Tips”, “Hints” or “Clues” to win a particular challenge. No harm in taking help if they have nailed that challenge in their life already. Some hints are worth trying, especially when you are stuck! Do you agree?

Either ways, please share your feedback in the comments section below. Waiting to hear from you!

Alex’s dream – a nightmare or a blessing!

Alex, a young man about 30 years old started experiencing a weird phenomenon each morning; he would be sweaty and panicky each time he woke up. No no, it was nothing to do with his heart or blood pressure 😊; it was indeed a nasty dream that woke him up every day for almost a month.

Looks like he was having nightmares or had someone done black magic on him? What was it?

Interestingly, there were some regular after-effects of this dream too!

When he woke up from his dream each morning, Alex started listing down his to-do things for the day, he was energetic, positive, smiling and looked so full of life! A little scared too but that gradually vanished after a few weeks! Wondering if it was a nightmare, then how come such positive results…..please read on!

Like us, his wife was also very curious and worried in the beginning!

On a normal day, Alex used to be pretty low on energy, kind of a sadist and positive, for sure he was not!

What was happening to him? Was he seeing another woman? Is he cheating on her and thus trying to be nice?

Typical wife thoughts worried her but she was pleasantly surprised to see the changes this dream brought not only in Alex individually but it had worked wonders to their bonding as a family overall. Alex was now a changed person, so loving, caring, happy, smiling & full of positivity. πŸ™‚

Are you anxious to find out more about Alex’s dream?

Okay, Okay, enough suspense built 😎 Getting to the point now!

Alex heard a sound from the universe in his dream that gently told him this:

  • This could be your last day on earth!
  • Remember to live each moment as you may not see another day!
  • Ask forgiveness for your wrong doings and don’t forget to forgive those who need your forgiveness, as that is equally important.
  • Share as much love, happiness and smiles during the day.
  • Mind you, if you are caught with a frown or surrounded by negative emotions, the next breath you take will be your last.

Does this explain Alex’s change in behavior? In the beginning, it worked like a carrot and stick kind of a principle; there were rewards if he listened to the universe and there was punishment too, if he did not obey.

Soon, he understood the depth of the message and started living his life fully each day. Now you can guess, how his scare gradually reduced post the dream, as now he was more conscious in all his doings. His state of satisfaction and contentment helped him fight away his fears!

Would you like to get such a warning dream each day? I think I would love to! πŸ™‚

We don’t know which day or moment is our last but why should we wait for that last day to come for bringing amends in our attitude. Sooner the better, isn’t it!

If we can remind ourselves about this fact each morning, then I truly believe that we will be able to do full justice to each moment that we live and breathe. Create as many smiles as you can, give some blessings and get some blessings too!

So cheer up my friend, let go of your fears, enjoy living in the moment and live life King size!! 🀴🏻okay okay Queen size if you wish so πŸ‘ΈπŸ»πŸ˜ƒ!

Do you agree? Either ways, I look forward to receiving your feedback in the comments section below.

You have got the key!

Irrespective of our age and gender, we all have our favorite foods, sweets, drinks, etc. but can you recall each time you had too much of any of those? The result was ill health, agony, pain, suffering, isn’t it?

Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

Have you ever watched this rope act live, its very interesting to observe, how the actor performs while maintaining their balance on the rope. It calls for a lot of physical as well as mental strength. Just a little shift in their concentration and they get dropped to the ground. Game over 😦

Similarly in real life, our journey is this thin rope that we need to be on and take on the challenges head – on one after the other while maintaining our stability. This is way more tougher as its our life and not just a game that is at stake! What say?

The key of life is in the art of balancing.

Mind your emotions well in time before it becomes too much. To explain it better, I would like to share a few examples:

Too much of love can lead to obsession;

Too much of sorrow may lead to depression;

Too much of pride will lead to arrogance; and

Too much of anger always leads to hurt…..not just for others but for yourself too!

Does this make sense?

We need to be aware of our surroundings and our emotions at all times.

Do regular self-check of your feelings and thoughts. Talk to your friends and loved ones, explain situations and find solutions to move ahead. Getting caught up/ stuck on any one emotion (negative as well as positive) can overpower your thought process, so be wise and use your key, I mean balance – you have the ability, don’t you?

Hope I got a smile on your face! If I did, share a comment with me, so I know πŸ™‚

Are you refreshing your first aid box regularly?

I am sure you have a first aid box at home and I can also bet that every time you check it, you tend to throw a few strips of medicines as they would have crossed their expiry date, isn’t it!

We all understand that it can be dangerous to consume a medicine beyond its expiry date and thus, we are cautious. Agree?

Coming to the point now! As humans, don’t we also know that we have an expiry date too.

But are we conscious enough?

Human body is a gift that God has given us for this journey of life and it is our duty to take care of this body both physically as well as spiritually.

Consider that you are a sailor and this body is your boat that will help you sail through this ocean of life. You have to take care of your boat to ensure that it does not get destroyed before your journey ends. But there is no need to get over indulgent either!

Just like the first aid box, it is crucial that we keep checking our body especially internally for the negativity and regrets that we keep collecting along the way!

These regular checks will help us to ensure that we don’t expire before we expire!

Reflect, introspect and try to correct all your wrong doings while the time is by your side. Create happiness and positivity around and live life king size. πŸ™‚

Checked your first aid box today?

Either ways, please leave your feedback in the comments sections below. It means a lot to me to hear from you!

A petal or a thorn- choose wisely!

On many occasions you would have held that beautiful rose bud in your hand and felt a nasty prick of a thorn! Haven’t you?

Just like life, a rose has both – soft petals and pricky thorns that can hurt real bad.

Have you wondered that our tongue is just like that rose bud?

Our tongue has the ability to shower blessings and appreciation for someone which can feel as soothing and calming as a rose petal. Simultaneously, it can also throw abuses and curses for someone that has the capacity to hurt severely. Mind you, these pricks sometimes hurt for the entire life time!

So be careful what you say! How you treat others will directly reflect on what part of the rose you wish to be. I am assuming no one wishes to be remembered as a thorn though! πŸ˜‰

Believe me, only effort it requires is wearing that glove of little conscious in our actions.

Please understand that anger is directly proportional to spontaneity. A little pause, a moment of thinking before reacting, especially when the emotion is not so positive, can do the trick!

Next time you go rose shopping, for a literal translation, request the vendor to carefully chop all the thorns before making that beautiful bunch, so they don’t hurt the receiver. And metaphorically, request your tongue to do the same for the receiver of your words every time!

This is indeed a great deal, even if we are self centered and think just about ourselves.

This little conscious act will help us in bringing a lot of positivity in our life and for the ones around us gradually leading us to a peaceful pasture surrounded by happiness and smiles. πŸ™‚

Bonus credit – this is the only currency that you can carry forward for the journey beyond!

Agree or not! Looking forward to receiving your feedback and comments in the section below!

Observe – Nature has all the answers! Version 1.0

When God created human beings, He may have known that with the ability to think, this creature will definitely get entangled in the emotional problems that may lead him to get demotivated and depressed. God is always right:)

Here we are, more in gloom than in gleam for most part of our life!

Complaining, getting angry, demotivated, sad, lost, etc. etc. Can you relate?

If we try and closely observe nature, God has tried to explain the ways to lead a happy and contended life in very easy yet beautiful ways. Observing and learning from these ways will help each one of us bring in so much of positivity and happiness around us. Guess what, it is totally free and available every where.

Lets start with our first observation and the learning deciphered:

Every day we witness the sunset and the sunrise; wherever we are across the globe.

None of us have seen or will ever see a day that does not follow a night and vice a versa. Right?

Day signifies brightness, light, action, energy, speed, flow, movement, etc. whereas;

Night is a symbol for darkness, calm, pause, rest, steadiness, sometimes gloom, sadness, etc.

God has created this beautiful example for us to understand that every phase in life is temporary. The basics of creating a right balance in life between the light and the dark; happiness and gloom; smiles and tears; action and calm; speed and rest, etc.

If today you are in a phase of gloom, don’t worry my friend, don’t lose hope as the night is about to get over and the Sun will positively shine very soon πŸ™‚ Sometimes, this phase of calm helps us discover the unexpected within us. Hold your hopes just a little longer and this too shall pass!

Believe me, I got this gift of writing in the darkest part of night and I bet, if you are going through your dark period, God has a hidden a gift for you to seek! Look for it, its right there!

I would love to hear your comments especially from those in dark with me, so together we can share and create some positive thoughts and smiles πŸ™‚

Say it-it’s important!

Before you lie down on your bed tonight, take a moment to reflect on the day gone by and recollect all the positive and not so positive moments!

Do you wish to say a Thank you or a Sorry to someone for anything that you did or felt during the day?

If its not too late in the night, just pick up the phone, make that call and express it in words. May be the receiver on the other end is also craving or cribbing for your expressions. The chances are 90% they would be!

Believe me you as well as the receiver of your words, both of you will have a better sleep with the sense of contentment.

Thanks to smartphones, time is not a constraint for sending messages. So if it is late for a call, send a brief message explaining your feeling and follow it up with a call the following day. Trust me, if you have conveyed your sincere emotions in the message, indeed, you will receive the call from the other side before you make that callπŸ™‚

We all know and understand our actions and have our regret lists always ready at the back of our minds. If we have done anything wrong, we may keep avoiding its acceptance verbally but that regret keeps pinching us regularly in our heart like a thorn. Do you agree?

Like me, do you also wonder the reason behind carefree & happy people?

Well, their mantra is No regrets! They have been active in taking actions on their regrets by expressing their gratitude and sharing their apologies to all those who deserve.

If we keep doing this regularly, the day is not far when each night we will be able to sleep contented with no regrets – with all thank you’s given where due and once we are so vigilant in our actions, we will create less and less scenarios where Sorry is even required. What a splendid life it will be indeed!

Would love to hear your thoughts. Express it with your comments in the section below. It means a lot to me to receive your feedback.

Sometimes waiting is good!

After would-be-parents receive the good news from the doctor about the arrival of their baby, the couple has to patiently wait for full nine months to hold their little bundle of joy! This waiting is good, very good! Isn’t it?

In life, we all are waiting for something!

All those who share their thoughts on social media through blogs, articles, stories. Once you post it out there, then you wait for that first πŸ‘πŸ» or a comment. That’s anxious waiting and depending on the response can be either good 😊 or bad πŸ™, but overall no loss!

One can keep going and sharing like I am doing right now, while I am waiting in the reception area of an office where I have come to meet someone😊. Outcome will be happy or sad or neutral, don’t know yet!

One wait that kills is after you apply for a job or give an interview and then wait endlessly with no response from the other endπŸ™. I hope all in this boat will agree that it’s better to get “No” for an answer rather than “No response”. Atleast this way you don’t die of anxiety and can plan for other avenues accordingly.

So my friends, for whatever you are waiting for – a phone call from your long lost love, appointment letter of your dream job, arrival of your baby, University admission, etc. etc. I wish you Happy Waiting!

Keep calm and win the world😊 May your wait gets you a positive response and hope it brings you lots of happiness and successπŸ‘πŸ»

Most importantly, if you don’t get the positive response you are waiting for, please don’t lose hope.

Believe me, Someone, Somewhere is waiting for you with a better plan πŸ™‚ Fingers crossed!!

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