Sometimes “Plan B” is better!

All of us struggle in our lives to successfully achieve what we call as “Plan A” i.e. the success plan, where we have astonishing career, great family, abundance of finances and to top it all popularity among all for being such a great success story, isnt’ it!

Have you ever wondered who has set this “Plan A” for us and what will happen if we achieve our “Plan B” and be happy rather than sulk and still not achieve our so called “Plan A”?

Most of us are under stress throughout our lives for beating our own set of expectations, i.e. our ability or inability to be at par with all the conditions that qualifies us to be a successful achiever. If you try to equate its worth…the end result of all this is short lived happiness if you are successful in achieving a part of your “Plan A“. Why do I say that? Because one can never achieve all “Plan A”, something in that plan always remains unchecked 😦

And, if you don’t achieve anything, you end up being in agony, pain, depression, negativity…. and that is the cause of so many mental health issues. The very reason why young and successful people are taking the drastic step of committing suicide these days 😦 So sad, right.

We all have “Plan B” but we shy away from addressing it and admitting that we are fine with embracing that….. you know why?

“Plan B” is the survival plan, where we have everything that we need to live life and who says we cannot be happy with limited means…. Ask the millionaires of the world if they are happy with the abundance of money! Believe me, they are not!

Please remember, as humans, we set such goals for ourselves that we can never be contended and satisfied, so what come may, we will never be able to achieve “Plan A” completely…. we will always be sad about something….So, to simply put it, we have a choice here between being on our toes all the time or being happy and contented πŸ™‚

Believe me, it takes a lifetime for us to make these simple choices and while we realize it, most of our life has gone by sulking and crying, so choose wisely my friend!

To conclude: Whatever you do in life, do it for your happiness and contentment, not to achieve a medal or popularity from others. Because it is your life and you get to decide what is your Plan and whatever it is, be happy that you have this Gift of Life and live it fully, as Life is in the Living not in just spending years….What say?

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13 thoughts on “Sometimes “Plan B” is better!

  1. Why do we all need a plan…the whole society is psyched to ask ” what’s your plan”….
    One must work towards having no plan and be content and thankful to ” just be”

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  2. Amazing and excellent message to all human beings for a happy enjoying and contented life BY ADOPTING PLAN B FOR BETTERMENT.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  3. Great message. This message should be given to our kids as well, as they grow up. To be happy and contended, one doesn’t need to run behind extraordinary achievements.

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