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Susan’s looking for a perfect gift!

Have you heard of wives saying that “I have already told my husband, what should he buy as surprise gift for my birthday or anniversary” sometimes, they even go to the extent of telling them the color they want it in 🙂 not leaving anything for chance 😉 or rather I would say, Shock 🙂

Is this so easy?

While walking last evening, I learnt a very beautiful and important lesson…. I didn’t realize it was that easy and yet so impactful….I am still in awe of that beautiful moment 🙂 I was just walking listening to some podcast, mostly lost in my own thoughts and quite low on energy….then, I stopped….oh, I didn’t…

Is your memory short lived too?

Would you agree if I tell you that we all have a very short lived memory for the most important things in life? I know, I know, you want to deny this….. I tried it too! Yeah, I know that you remember the entire episode when your friends or relatives ditched you to a party…

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