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Just “I do” or Do you?

All the married couples there, all of you have said this “I do” while taking your wedding vows to your better halves, isn’t it!

I was wondering….. But how many of us truly “Do” deliver on those promises? Well, we know the answer, don’t we😊

I wish it was so easy to give promises and then remain true and committed to them…. it takes a lot of courage and inner strength to be firm in your thoughts and actions and when you do commit, it clearly shows in your actions and reactions with your loved ones…. Do you agree?

There are couples with great chemistry and then there are those who can’t stand each other 🙂 We all have seen enough of each variety and do you know what it really takes to cherish a relationship?

Well taking about relationships in general and using the above example, can we not say that to create a beautiful bond in any relationship, one need to give love, respect and commitment! Am I right?

Imagine if we displayed this kind of commitment to every relation we maintained in our life.. be it with our spouses, our parents, our siblings, our children, our friends! Don’t you think that we will be able to cherish each relationship to its fullest that way.

All we need is to be a little more conscious and alert in our every action and sometimes even our reactions. So many times, we do things in reflex and hurt our loved one’s which we regret for the rest of our lives 😦 This way, we will easily overcome all such situations and avoid heart aches for our loved ones, Wow, great deal, isnt’ it and in the bargain, we will earn love, respect and great relationships 🙂

I know you want to say, what if the other side does not reciprocate?

Well, that will happen for a while but do you know that like Smile, good deeds are also contagious? They actually are…. so you keep doing good and sooner or later, you will acknowledge things changing for good!

To conclude: Either don’t make a promise but if you do, have the courage to deliver it with full commitment, give your 100% to every relationship and then see the great results. Hope you are now inspired to mend some strained relations, way to go my friend, but please don’t do it with expectations of instant changes and reciprocation, cause that will hurt you! But gradually with time, things will change for better, I promise! Please remember, Rome was not built in a day, was it?


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