Don’t wish me….

I don’t want you to just wish me on my Birthday, Anniversary or any of my Achievements! You may be shocked or surprised thinking that why am I being so harsh and negative, though I worship Positivity!

Actually, I am not…..I just want to put a small rider to receiving those wishes and I promise I will do the same for all the Wishes that I give everyone going forward……a conscious move that will bring about a meaningful change, trust me!

Wondering what’s coming now…..okay coming to the point!

We wish a lot of people almost everyday “Happy Birthday”, “Happy Anniversary”, “Congratulations” on their special days and achievements but how many of those wishes are really heartfelt? May be 0.1%, because for the rest 99% of the times, our wishes are only Superficial….just another comment on someone’s Whatsapp or Facebook timeline, isn’t it?

We do it only for the sake of doing it! I am pretty sure you are neither shocked nor surprised with this fact and can fully relate to this…..because you, me, everybody…..we all do it almost everyday! So, all I am saying is:

Don’t just Wish but Wish with your heart and soul!

I urge each one of you to start being Conscious when you Wish someone for any of their special occasions or achievements….because believe me, Wishes are nothing less than Prayers when done with a True Heart!

Everytime, we Wish anyone, we have the opportunity to Gift them our heartfelt prayers for their success, well being, happiness or whatever else you may like to wish for them…..but most of the time, we lose out on all these opportunities just for our lack of consciousness and time, isn’t it!

Trust me, heartfelt prayers and Wishes never go unanswered….try it! Also, when you start consciously wishing for others, you will start feeling the presence of that Power/ God within yourself….it will help you cleanse your inner self and your loved ones will value your one wish much more than the 100 or 1000 wishes that they may receive on their Social media accounts!

To conclude: It may look like a slow process but trust me, gradually when each one of us will start doing it – collectively we will be able to generate so many positive vibes and feelings around us! There is no loss as we will do what we were already doing, just that, we will be a little conscious in our ways and approach. In the bargain, we will get inner peace…..which is what each one of us is seeking anyways….isn’t it! Go for it my friend….this is the right time to inspire others with our little actions and make a difference where it really counts!

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