Are you refreshing your first aid box regularly?

I am sure you have a first aid box at home and I can also bet that every time you check it, you tend to throw a few strips of medicines as they would have crossed their expiry date, isn’t it!

We all understand that it can be dangerous to consume a medicine beyond its expiry date and thus, we are cautious. Agree?

Coming to the point now! As humans, don’t we also know that we have an expiry date too.

But are we conscious enough?

Human body is a gift that God has given us for this journey of life and it is our duty to take care of this body both physically as well as spiritually.

Consider that you are a sailor and this body is your boat that will help you sail through this ocean of life. You have to take care of your boat to ensure that it does not get destroyed before your journey ends. But there is no need to get over indulgent either!

Just like the first aid box, it is crucial that we keep checking our body especially internally for the negativity and regrets that we keep collecting along the way!

These regular checks will help us to ensure that we don’t expire before we expire!

Reflect, introspect and try to correct all your wrong doings while the time is by your side. Create happiness and positivity around and live life king size. 🙂

Checked your first aid box today?

Either ways, please leave your feedback in the comments sections below. It means a lot to me to hear from you!

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