Why wait for a rainy day to ask?

Have you ever got stranded in heavy rain……water clogged all around! You are not even equipped with an umbrella or a rain coat and to top it all you are getting late for a crucial meeting. Looking for a shed to avoid getting drenched in rain and somewhere deep in your heart, you are questioning – “Why me?”

Am I right?

When we are troubled, disturbed, uncomfortable, unhappy, demotivated, etc. etc. what is the first thing we do – We question God, Almighty, the power (you can name it whatever you believe in) and try to put the blame on Him for all the troubles and issues that we face in our lives.

With tears flowing our eyes, we keep asking, Why me?

But do we really have to wait for a rainy day or troubled times to ask this lovely question to God – Why me?

Can we try to approach this same question a little differently and see what power and positivity we can bring in our lives with this same question?

The only change that we have to bring is to ask this question to ourselves every morning. Yes, you read it right!

Ask yourself every morning – Why me?

Ask “Why me” for every blessing that God has bestowed on you. Just after you wake up each morning, take a brief moment to observe your blessings – starting with your fully working body parts to your surroundings, your family members, your job, your friends, your house, your bike/car……this list can get endless! You will be amazed with the kind of happiness and positivity you will feel right at the start of the day!

Try creating a daily log of smileys 🙂 and sad faces 😦 and I can bet that you will have 90% smiles 🙂 and 10% sad faces 😦 at the max, that is when you are really really in trouble. But….what do we give importance to?

Especially in troubled times, we forget to show our gratitude for the basics and just keep focusing on our problem and keep complaining. If our body parts didn’t work well or we didn’t have the roof on our head, etc. etc., things could get worse but are we thankful for all those blessings, of course not, because we think all that is granted, it is our right but really is it??

This little practice will not only keep you happy and contented for the good times but will also gradually prepare you for the rainy days in your life. Wondering how?

Well, when you will start understanding and appreciating and thanking God for the abundant blessings He has showered on you regularly then, even during difficult times too, you will be able to notice that you still have enough reasons to thank God than to blame Him for the little trouble that you are facing for the time being.

Believe me, gradually, this little change in our mindset can do wonders in handling difficult situations with a less complaining and a more accepting approach. Remember, it is all part of the master plan and what we sow is what we reap!

So, my friend, keep doing good and accept the will of the divine with smile and gratitude! Positivity and happiness guaranteed for life!

To conclude: Remember to be thankful for what you have as our count of blessings always surpasses our troubles. Stop complaining and learn to be happy and grateful for what you have, as you don’t know but your life is indeed a dream of many….

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3 thoughts on “Why wait for a rainy day to ask?

  1. Kudos to you, Purnima. That’s true that we get overpowered by our problems so much that we can’t see the blessings. After reading your blog, i have started comparing myself for whatever i have with people who don’t have and I realised that I’m so much blessed….God Bless you.

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  2. I 100% agree on this. We often practice this, but forget to do this at some occasions. My trust and faith in HIM has doubled up after accepting this approach in life. The statement “count your blessings” always work for us. This only helps us in reiterating a mindset of gratitude and makes ourselves believe in HIM even more. Thanks for sharing. 🙏


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