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My humble cup of tea!

Till last month, I didn’t realize how much I loved my humble cup of tea! I have been drinking tea for years and never realized the importance it had in my life. Only now, when my doctor told me to stop having regular tea with milk to cure my cough, that’s when I realized how much I depended on my little cup of joy! Its not been easy, trust me!

Have you noticed that sometimes, no actually all the time, we depend on so many little things in our life but you know what, unfortunately we tend to take them for granted till they are accessible! Do you agree?

Its only the absence of these things, that makes us realize their real importance! Life goes on with little adjustments with respect to things. Wondering where I am going with this……

Things can be replaced with other things

Like now I have started having some clear soup/ green tea every morning to replace my cup of tea with milk! Took me a few days of discomfort but I am fine now!

What about the people we depend on in our lives? Can they be replaced too?

Unfortunately, most of them cannot be replaced my friend!

We need to be very careful while we cherish this gift of God bestowed on us. Mind you, whenever we hurt someone emotionally or say harsh things to them, especially to our parents, spouses, children, etc., we need to understand that this is a mutual relationship. Like we have expectations from them, they do have some dependencies, some expectations from us, isn’t it!

Didn’t include friends in this list, as, though limited but we still have a choice who we become friends with and we can continue or restrain from a friendship.

But relations like parents and children, and don’t mind if I add spouses here as well, as believe it or not, these choices are beyond our control and are part of the God’s Masterplan 🙂

  • Can a parent become a parent without the arrival of a child, no, right, so a parent depends on the child completely to become a parent in the first place and we have seen numerous couples around us, who are suffering with treatments and medications and what not to get this gift of life!
  • Similarly, we have also seen around many children who have to survive the hardships of life as they have lost one or both parents, so am I right, if I conclude that the child for his/her happiness kind of depends on the parents, atleast till they are still not adults! Though the dependence is indeed life long, admit it or not!
  • About spouses, I would say, just ask your friends who don’t have life partners, they will tell you the importance of having a good and understanding life partner with teary eyes! That got dramatic a bit 🙂

The point I wish to make here, is that we need to learn to be mutually respectful than being dominant in our relationships, be it with our parents, our children and also with our respective spouses as well, as we equally depend on them as much as they do on us! Do you agree!

To conclude: We all need to learn to value the gifts bestowed upon us by the Almighty and respect, love and cherish these gifts while we still have them! Please remember, things can be replaced in life but our loved ones are there in our life for a specified time and how much that time is, no one knows! So, be loving, talk positive and embrace the nuances of life with a smile today and now, cause, tomorrow will come tomorrow!


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