While waiting for Doctor’s call!

My friend, Alex, yeah, Suzie’s husband and my little angel Tina’s father, had a tough experience last month when Suzie was hospitalised owing to COVID-19 infection and there was a moment when the doctor called Alex and told him those dreadful lines:

We have tried our best and now we just pray that the medicine works….. we don’t have anything in our hands anymore 🙏🏻

Teary eyed Alex on a Video call with the doctor and Tina in his lap, he had no one else by his side to console him! At that moment, he realized how much he loved Suzie and how much he wanted her back in his life! He was ready to even donate his own kidney/lung or whatever else it took, if that could guarantee Suzie’s return back home….. 😟

Like all other couples, Alex and Suzie had lot of nasty fights very frequently. I had been their arbitrator on various occasions and trust me, it was not easy to help them set their bloated egos aside!

Since that call and the doctor’s next call 24 hours later, Alex lived through hell and we spoke atleast 15 times over a call. During each call, he broke down and confessed his Love, his Mistakes, his Short Sightedness and the Gaps in their Relationship. Gradually, during the conversation, he started promising to be a Better Partner, who would try to be more compassionate and empathize more of Suzie’s perspective, when she Returns….. with a hope that she will 🙏🏻

Wondering why am I sharing this depressing stuff with you guys?

Well, when it comes to Relationships, we are no less than Alex and Suzie, isn’t it?

Deep within our heart, we truly love our Spouses, our Parents, our Children, our Siblings, our Friends….. but on the front end, most of the times, we are very expressive on the Complaining front but least expressive when it comes to showing our Love, our Respect, our True Emotions…. do you agree?

Try and recall the last loving Compliment, you gave to a loved one! If its within the last 24 hours, you are nailing it my friend, keep going 🙂

When she or he is counting their last breath and you are ready to donate your kidney/liver or spend even the last penny of your life’s savings, to save their lives is awesome, provided you can save them…. but while they are hale and hearty, how about that you express your Love and Feelings through your Words and Affectionate actions…. so my friend, when you love them, then have the heart to show it on every little occasion that comes your way…… trust me it matters ❤️❤️

To conclude: Don’t be a miser in appreciating the True Love that God has blessed you with, be it with your spouse, your parents, your children, your siblings or friends….Trust me, the Power of your Love will keep them Safe and will provide them the Courage needed to fight back, if God forbid, they are in a situation, where Suzie is….I request you to stop getting angry over silly things, be more compassionate, be more expressive and be more loving, especially in these pandemic times, when you have been given to opportunity to spend the maximum time with your families and your closest friends!

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