Tina’s Birthday cake!

These are pandemic times and various parts of the world are still in lockdown mode….we don’t get to celebrate occasions like Birthdays and Anniversaries like the way we used to do earlier, isn’t it!

It was my little angel Tina’s seventh Birthday and Suzie decided to engage Tina in baking and decorating her Birthday cake… it came out awesome 👍🏻 and looked yummy! I was on a Video call to wish Tina and be virtually present for the cake cutting, but Tina won’t stop crying 😢

Wondering what happened?

Well, Tina had put so much effort in baking and decorating the cake that she was not ready to cut and spoil it now 😅😅😂😂

You won’t believe, it took us almost an hour to explain Tina that the cake is made to be eaten and we cannot preserve it forever. We clicked a few pictures of the cake so she could cherish this memory and then she finally agreed to do the honors 😊

Coming to the point, Life is like this Beautiful Cake that we all bake during our life time and various decorations on top are all our Achievements and Accomplishments and Blessings that we gather during our life’s journey. Mind you, sometimes we make mistakes in baking or decorating our cake, that symbolizes the bad things our Wrongful actions that may have caused Agony and Disgust to our loved ones. How much ever beautiful or average or bad looking your cake looks, trust me, one day this cake will need to be cut 😦 that’s for sure…… sorry for pricking your bubble but here’s the bright side…..

Let us start Celebrating our Life and let us concentrate on baking and decorating the most beautiful cake a.k.a. our Life with our Caring Attitude, our Love, our Behavior….. and let us do everything in our control to make the cake so good that just like my little Tina, we begin to love our life!

Trust me, YOU HAVE A GREAT LIFE that looks like a Perfect Cake, if not to you…. but to million others who are not as blessed as you are!

So Stop Complaining my friend and Stop Crying for what you don’t have in Life….. because YOUR CAKE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL SO FAR 👍🏻 Believe me, with this little change in your attitude, you can be very happy in your current circumstances …. without changing anything else but just the way you look at Life! 😊

To conclude: Enjoy Life and learn to create lovely memories with your loved ones….. especially in these COVID times when there is so much gloom and agony around us already! Learn to say “Thank You” before “Complaining”! Let’s wear our baking apron, bring out the colorful sprinklers and chocolate gems and begin to decorate a Beautiful Cake together…. something to be cherished by all 🥰 Be Happy, Take care and be safe, my friend 👍🏻

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4 thoughts on “Tina’s Birthday cake!

  1. So true.. and just like beauty is so subjective, everyone finds different things beautiful, its same for life.. if you are happy with what you have made your life of, thats what matters

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