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Everyone….stand up on the bench!

Do you recall those moments when one nasty child in your class did something and then the Teacher got so angry that she or he ended up punishing or boycotting the entire class!

All the Indian readers would recall this famous line from their Teacher….. πŸ™‚

All of you, stand up on the bench with your hands raised up for the entire class today!

Remember, how such situations were diffused, after the teacher walked out….few kids including that Nasty Child and the Monitor of the class would go to the staff room and Apologize on behalf of the entire class!

Are you wondering that why am I remembering such instances in these grim times of pandemic?

Well, thinking through this scenario, I feel that the situation is quite relevant to the current pandemic circumstances…..can you guess what I am talking?

The world is like a Big Classroom and the Lord, the Almighty, the Superpower, by whatever name you wish to address it, is our Teacher and we all are the kids in the Same Classroom and most of us have done some/many mischieves against the environment, against humanity, against mankind…… do you agree? Now our Teacher, i.e. the Superpower, is Upset with us and causing Catastrophes in more than one ways, COVID-19, being one of the best/worst examples, sadly 😦

What can we do now?

Like the class example, irrespective of who has done what wrong so far…. we have to collectively ask for Forgiveness from the Lord and just like the class Teacher in the example, He may take mercy on us and help us sail through these difficult times!

Let us put our false ego, our hurts, our pride and other hard feelings aside and pray with a warm and emotional heart……

Keep your Ego aside and behave like a Monitor of your class and ask for Forgiveness for Mankind from the Lord, because now it has hit Home, it is the affecting not just Strangers but our Loved ones and our Families too…..I urge you to be with me on this one and spread this word around…..our Collective Effort is needed now, more than ever, in creating a sense of Calm!

To conclude: Science is doing what it can to help us but we have all heard or seen our loved ones suffering in these times of pandemic. Praying and asking for Collective Forgiveness will give you some peace of mind and the way to move forward, trust me, because that is all what we, as normal humans have in our hands now. Help others as much as you can, reach out to not only your close but to your distant contacts as well to check on their well being and extend help as much as you can……Believe me, THIS TEACHER IS VERY KIND but, sometimes the TEACHER needs to take strict action to imbibe LIFE’s LESSONS in their pupils. Stay well and Stay Safe…..


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13 thoughts on “Everyone….stand up on the bench!

  1. True said.
    The silence of nature is telling that humans have destroyed the resources very much.
    We all miss our school days in pandemic. Those were the best days😊
    Nice blog. Deep meaning.

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  2. Very well written article, and good comparison of the scenarios. It’s a very good example that most of us could relate to. I hope our teacher our guru have mercy on us and forgive us without considering our misdeeds.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very well presented and explained in simple easy examples for today’s fearful scenario. Yes we all must pray together to ALMIGHTY GOD TO BLESS US WITH HEALTHY LONG LIFE and save us from this PREVAILING CORONA.EXCELLENT BLOGS KEEP IT UP .πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Liked by 1 person

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