The next phase is coming….ready or Not!

Have you ever observed a Tree growing?

When you plant a seed or even a sapling, can you imagine how tall a Tree it could become one day……mostly it’s beyond our imagination…. Isn’t it!

On closely observing, you will realize that the Tree grows in phases…..sometimes it’s just the roots that are growing within the soil, especially when the plant is creating its Foundation and then gradually one sees some leaves growing or some increase in the stem height,etc. It is so Slow and Gradual …….Do we expect, anticipate or bet on the height that Tree will finally take in years to come, of course not!

As humans, we are somewhat like the Tree…. Wondering where I am going with this?

Yeah, the height, the weight, the basic physical changes….. they are obvious visible changes….. that’s not what I am talking about 😜 you are underestimating me now!

I believe that in our life too, we grow in phases…. other than the physical aspect……we mainly grow in two main phases – either Materially or Spiritually…. When we are growing monetarily or materialistically, then all we care is about our Achievements, our Belongings, our Material worthiness, etc. This is the phase when we are Winning and earning lots of Money and Fame and Popularity.

Remember, the Wave, how much ever high it goes….. it has to come down!

Irrespective of who we are, we ought to get a downward trend, a difficult phase in our lives, when in comparison to the earlier phase we have Lesser Achievements, Lesser Money and Abundance of Problems…..This is ideally the Spiritual Phase of our lives, which usually follows the Material phase. Trust me, when we are in the down phase, which I prefer to call, the Spiritual phase, we get to notice that Spiritual Energy, remember the Almighty, we acknowledge that Power which is way beyond our control!

Please try and recall all those phases that you had in your life…. these are the phases that gave you your Values, your Connect to the Power, your Empathy and your Spirituality…. Like the Tree, these are not visible to the outside world much but every such phase in your life has been felt deeply by you….it is indeed these phases, that make your Foundation much Stronger and Deeper!

All it needs is some heartfelt realization from all of us…..indeed, these Spiritual phases are more valuable than the monetary benefits, if you truly value it!

So, when you are in a down phase (aka Spiritual phase) next time, my friend…. Don’t cry! Utilize it to the fullest because it is an opportunity for us to get closer to God, the Almighty, that Power! Trust me, by looking at life this way, you will gradually learn to enjoy both the phases of life and your journey will be full of Learning and Enlightenment 🙏🏻😊 rather than of Complaining and Disappointment.

This way, you will be able to nurture not just your own Life, but, just as a Tree, you will build a Legacy that will impart Inspiration to your coming generations. I am ready to work towards building a Legacy for my coming generations….. what about you?

To conclude: We don’t wish for flowers and fruits when we plant a seed or a sapling, right! We wait, with abundance of patience and we don’t decide whether the tree should grow the roots or the leaves first…. we just keep watering it and patiently wait for it to grow and flourish. Similarly, just enjoy the phases of your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual growth and don’t get bogged down by the troubles and challenges that come your way….. Learn your lessons that come to you with each phase, embrace life and you will grow to become a loved human being, a fulfilled Tree with a strong foundation of values, that will help you leave a Legacy for your generations to come! The next phase is coming, Ready or Not! 🙂

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