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Sorry, but you are not welcome!

Sorry, but you are not welcome!

You must be thinking I am so rude to start my blog with such a nasty title! Don’t hate me please….. and I promise you will love me when you will read through πŸ™‚

Would you believe me if I tell you that our mind needs to remain busy and there is a constant flow of thoughts within our brain. It includes all kinds of thoughts, good thoughts, happy thoughts, bad thoughts, scary thoughts, sad thoughts, anxiety thoughts, etc. etc. We create thoughts pertaining to all of our feelings within our mind and trust me, it is very normal and natural to do it this way……no problem with this aspect πŸ˜‰

Now, imagine that you went to a hill station, its early morning and you are enjoying the scenery with a hot cup of tea in your hand….what a perfect morning, isn’t it! Love thinking about it only and then….

Suddenly from nowhere a thought crosses your mind that “Something bad is going to happen today” 😦

Please remember that all circumstances remain same as earlier but now, your day is ruined. I bet you can’t enjoy the rest of your day! Can you?

Well, I am afraid NOT. Because now, you have Welcomed and Engaged and Entertained this Negative Thought and invited it for a CUP OF TEA with you!

And now, one thought will lead to the other Negative Thought and by the end of the day, I promise, something BAD would happen, because you told your MIND to believe that “Something BAD will happen” and indeed it will! Do you agree?

All I am asking you to do is to be on a Watchout for any thoughts that you wish to entertain and if they are Negative thoughts…..simply train your brain to say “Sorry, but you are not Welcome!”

We can rule our lives with this little awareness about which thought to let go and which thought to entertain….just a very simple rule that can truly change the way we manage our lives, isn’t it! Life is nothing but what we truly believe it to be! Please remember, that the King’s life is not always perfect and the Beggar does not cry the whole day! Its a mixed bag and we can be happy in every circumstance provided we know How to!

To conclude: Life is in the Moments and Thoughts that makes it beautiful. Learn to Engage and Entertain only the Positive thoughts that cross your mind and to all those Negative, Sorrow and Agony creating thoughts, I would say – “Sorry, but you are not welcome!” Its okay to be rude this way…..don’t you agree? Once you learn to say that to your mind, it will get into the habit of passing on those negative thoughts just the way they came in and trust me, gradually you will be a Happy Soul………who will set a perfect example for others to follow! Are you ready to Watchout? for your own sake!


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