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Secret ingredients!

Many a times, we Don’t like the most rated dishes and may be, as many times, if not more….we would have enjoyed a simple Salad or a Club Sandwich or even a slice of Bread Butter, for that matter, that we created ourselves with least of those culinary skills….. what say?

The point is….When we are “Hungry” is when we Relish a dish the most, isn’t it!

So, will you agree with me, when I say that …..“Hunger” is one of the key secret ingredients that lets us decide how we will Relish and Rate a dish…..yeah, other minor factors being your mood, your frame of mind, the food quality, presentation, food temperature, etc.

Thinking about this, I would like to put forward a question that we all need to ask ourselves very often:


Trust me, with more and more comforts being added to our life each day, we tend to be over fed and so full all the time, that……we forget to Relish Life, it becomes all Mundane and Boring and Ordinary 😟

Not convinced…….try this tomorrow morning!

Skip breakfast tomorrow morning, No Tea, No Coffee, No Hot Water and No Food for tomorrow morning…….At Noon, when you will be allowed to have your Meal, your Tea/Coffee…..I can bet, you will Relish whatever will come your way…..there will be no complaints that the Omlette didn’t turn brown enough or the Coffee taste is not up to the mark…..It will all taste sumptuous, tasty, out of the world…..Heaven 🙂

See, without even trying… are convinced that what I am saying is right 😉 isn’t it!

We have been blessed to get those comforts and I am not at all telling you to let go of any of those to feel Hungry………but there is more we can do to remove the Mundane and Boring from our life!

Yes, the second key ingredient is “Sharing”, be it your talents, your thoughts, your motivations, even your worries, anything, that you have in Abundance, go ahead and share those with your loved ones!

Remember your snack box at school lunch hour, when you thought your food was super boring and your friends were ready to kill to get a bite from that box….be it the Idli with chutney (South Indian dish) or Paratha with Bhindi (Ladyfinger)! 🙂

Deep down, we all know what we are Hungry for (our Passions) and what we have in Abundance (our Talents)…… yes, believe me, we all do, we just don’t openly address it 😃 very often!

I am hungry to learn Salsa and am happy to mentor someone who wants to give a try at writing their first blog….. What’s yours?

Don’t shy away, write in the comment box below to commit yourself to use these Secret ingredients for bringing Happiness and Positivity in your life…. I am waiting😊🙏🏻

To conclude: Learn to address your “Hunger” regularly and also start offering to “Share” the Things you have in abundance with your loved ones….. it will make everyone’s life exciting and challenging without spending a dime 👍🏻 and you will always end up getting a wholesome experience, FREE, FREE, FREE 🙂 Try it, my friend, what’s to loose here!


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4 thoughts on “Secret ingredients!

  1. Really enjoyed this one…… When talking about sharing the first thing that comes to my mind is KNOWLEDGE. It is always beneficial to share and gain knowledge. While talking about hunger, I really want to put myself in dancing and singing and learn new things daily.
    Keep uploading these motivational blogs😊😊

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