A Resolution for 2022….2095 and even After Life!

When we all struggle to keep a Resolution for the first week of a new year, leave aside one full year…..are you wondering what gives me the guts to speak about a Resolution that will help us beyond this Life! Trust me, what I am going to share is very simple and very effective andContinue reading “A Resolution for 2022….2095 and even After Life!”

Tina’s Birthday cake!

It was my little angel Tina’s seventh Birthday and Suzie decided to engage Tina in baking and decorating her Birthday cake… it came out awesome 👍🏻 and looked yummy! I was on a Video call to wish Tina and be virtually present for the cake cutting, but Tina won’t stop crying 😢

Learning swimming to swim!

For most of you, who know swimming, it is like knowing your native language, simple & easy, isn’t it….But for those who don’t know swimming, it’s the most difficult thing on earth to do! Trust me, because I myself don’t know swimming and I am thus, shit scared of getting drowned in the most shallow pool 😛 on the face of Mother Earth!

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