Why did you meet them?

Have you ever wondered why some people are so helpful and send you good vibes while some you just can’t stand!

We all know that God cannot practically come down to help us in our times of need and also to punish us for the bad deeds that are done along the way. God is a great mathematician and there are no biases in the house of God. Everything is based on logic.

For better understanding, I request you to read my earlier blog, if you have not read it already! Aiming at “Zero”- a state of absolute balance! (https://wordpress.com/block-editor/post/successstories.news.blog/91).

It is indeed very difficult or rather impossible for normal human soul to reach this state of “Zero” in one or even few birth cycles. Only when we are blessed with the arrival/introduction of a Guru, a Teacher or a Guide in our life who then teaches us to negate the good and bad deeds and helps us to reach a state of absolute balance, a state of Zero. This Guru, Teacher or Guide could be in the form of another human being who has attained divine wisdom or it could also be a holy scripture like Geeta, Bible, Quran, etc. (Promise to write another follow up blog to elaborate this part!)

Coming back to the topic, while we are stuck in this circle of life and death, our each interaction with living souls (all forms of life included), result in creation of deeds – good as well as bad.

To explain with an example, recall the last few years of your life and look out for numerous people who were so important during that phase. Do they even exist in your life now? Well, at that moment, you could not have imagined your life without them but after giving you the joy or agony for whatever they had to settle account for, they don’t exist in your life! Am I right?

Mind you, this exchange is not just restricted to humans but goes the same way for all living souls. You visit a friends house and ironically their very friendly pet pounces on you every time you visit their house. Have you wondered why? Could be owing to some unaccounted score that you may have with that pet from your past life πŸ™‚

Putting it simply, the person who extended unexpected help out of the blue may have a good deed settlement pending from some earlier birth and once they have balanced out their account with you, the ways get parted automatically. The only thing left behind is beautiful memories that you can cherish!

Similarly, for those who have unfinished business with us for the bad deeds account from past lives, bring agony, hurdles, sorrow and pain in our lives. So when you receive agony from a friend, your boss, an acquaintance and sometimes even strangers, just consider it as an act of balancing out.

Next time you have an unpleasant experience with someone, please don’t get too affected. Give them a thank you from the bottom of your heart as with their acts they are helping you in your ultimate journey to reach the Zero state. Also, your calm and unruffled approach may help you earn some good deed credits that will help you empty your remaining bad deeds bucket with ease! Convinced?

Convinced or not! Either way I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. Looking forward to hearing from each one of you!

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5 thoughts on “Why did you meet them?

  1. Again, a beautiful piece of writing, Purnima. I felt at peace reading it as I am completely aligned with this idea of ‘the karma account’ and reconciliation of accounts πŸ™‚ This only reinforces the same. The reason a lot of Indians, as against people from many other countries can deal with their adversities can be accounted to their inherent belief in Karma and their past life dues. They can move on staying in those adverse conditions believing they are settling the account or paying their dues. It is as logical as random it sounds. You’ve aptly and succinctly put the words for giving justice to such a deep concept in such a short read. Thanks again.

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