Stay grounded!

God forbid, for a moment just imagine yourself amidst a mid-air emergency! What do you think the airline staff on board will be screaming the most –hold on firmly to something, i.e. stay grounded! What they intend to convey is please don’t move, don’t react, don’t apply your mind too much, just stay as is and we will help you to safety. Right?

Terrified to think about this scene! I am too!

Believe me or not, under any emergency situation including the one mentioned above, we show full faith in the authority and let them take charge. Ideally speaking, that is indeed the right thing to do!

On the contrary, whenever we have situations in our personal life, both good as well as bad, we seem to forget that God is the real incharge! Isn’t He?

We get so much sucked in our sense of doer-ship and tend to behave like we are the drivers and try to take responsibility for everything big and small, good and bad. The laurels and the blame game is never ending and continues for our entire life time.

In these moments, we should remind ourselves about God’s master plan and that everything that happens is according to His plan. Believe it or not, the end is always good, rather perfect in the bigger picture of things.

For a great life, let go of this sense of doer-ship!

Have full faith in God and just remember this fact that the end result will be positive. You may not be able to see the positive outcome readily and may realize its benefits some time later. It may take days, months, years or decades but surety is that you will one day realize the positivity of every circumstance in your life 🙂

Don’t jump with excitement and harp your laurels in happy times and don’t cry and sob too much when you are anxious and worried. Just Stay Grounded; like a boat on steady waters. Believe you me, you will reach your final destination calm, composed and wiser.

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6 thoughts on “Stay grounded!

  1. This one is like the one you need in this moment. Even reading it now – a little later than I thought I would – seems to be part of the bigger plan. I used to call it the Zoom in/Zoom out Phenomenon. A perfect reminder. And loved the choice of words. Thanks.

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  2. I love the title “stay grounded” and the explanation. Only by staying grounded, can one surrender to God. Only after full surrender, one can have complete faith in HIM, else doership takes over. Faith keeps hope alive.
    Thanks for writing snd sharing these blogs with me. These help me to think, analyse, self-introspect and keeps reinforcing my mind to remain positive.

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    1. Am so grateful that you read the blogs so far so deeply and are able to connect and introspect🙏🏻 Your comments are a great motivator for me👍🏻 Thank you for your support and appreciation, truly means a lot Mamta


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