Watch out – it could be a sign!

The universe sends us signals and warnings from time to time! Do you agree?

You took the effort of deciding in advance on Sunday night about what clothes you will wear to office the following morning to avoid the Monday morning rush, ironed it, all set. After shower, you wore the shirt, ready to leave for that important meeting and Boom!! that last sip of coffee got splashed all over your shirt!!

Down goes your mood :(. Frustration and anger clearly visible on your face now!

The next, you are standing in front of your cupboard looking out for another pre-ironed shirt that can be combined with the trousers you are already wearing.

Think if this is the first time that has happened to you or is it every time you tried to plan your Monday morning or it could be with each time you planned to wear that specific shirt.

It could be a sign!!

Try to think through the message universe is trying to convey to you.

Mind you, not all such instances are signs but when its a sign, somehow you will know. When you close your eyes for a moment, your heart will help you in deciphering and deciding.

It may have happened to get you delayed from the train (you were about to catch) that met with an accident; while you were still at home – an important courier got delivered carrying the good news you were heartily awaiting or could be some other wacky reason.

These signs may seem very illogical to an intellectual mind but to understand the power, just talk to someone who was a no-show on the flight that crashed mid-air? Hearing their real life experiences, you will realize that the universe played its part by doing things that caused the required delay for them restraining them to board those dreadful flights and saved their lives. I know that vice versa situation will also be true but that’s too depressing, so let’s us not visualize that scenario! Let us remain positive and pray for everyone’s wellness! 🙂

Not all signs lead to frustrations, at times, they may end up saving lives!

It is wise to observe and take help of these signs; benefit from the overall universal master plan rather than sulk and get angry!! It’s a known fact that whatever has to happen will happen and universe will create circumstances to make you reach where you ought to be at a specific moment. So why resist?

If you can’t figure out the reason, still, don’t underestimate the power of signs! Go with the flow and you will discover the reasons sooner or later!

Convinced, are you? Either ways, please do leave your feedback in the comments section below. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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One thought on “Watch out – it could be a sign!

  1. Totally believe in the power of the supernatural (some call it universe and some God) that somehow sends us signals and lead us to certain circumstances/ situations that we may not understand at that moment but later when we analyse, we are able to see the positive side of it.

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