“Over” a perfect recipe for disaster!

Do you know that there is a very thin line between enough and too much!

Can’t agree more with the phrase: Too much of everything is bad!

Whenever there is a need to add the prefix “Over”; it implies that we are doing that activity in excess or too much than required.

Over-eating, over-sleeping, over-thinking, over-curiosity, over-caring, etc. and you know the most damaging one is the over-confidence!

Have you ever wondered the great message, the great learning hidden in the nature of the most common food ingredient – SALT!

Scenario 1: You realized that your cooked dish has less salt! Can you do something?

  • Of course, you can add little more salt and mix it to make it taste perfect.
  • Even if you can’t, you can still manage to eat it. Though you may not relish that dish too much but you can surely eat it! You agree?

Scenario 2: You have over-salted your cooked dish 😦 What can be done now?

  • Well, like you could add from top in Scenario 1, you don’t have an option of taking out the additional salt from your dish! I am afraid. Once its done its done!
  • You can throw this one and make the dish again.
  • Or add more grains and ingredients to balance the salt content. Whatever you do, the required taste won’t come, I promise you that from my own experience.

From our day to day life, shall we now analyze few similar behaviour examples:

Under the influence of your over confidence, incase you spoke rudely to someone, can you take your words back, indeed not!

If you are over-anxious before your interview, can you perform to the best of your ability; you know the answer, you can’t right!

Try exploring the internet for the ill effects on health from over-eating, over-sleeping, over-thinking, etc.; you will be shocked.

We all are fully aware of our own habits and exactly know which all things we are over-doing, don’t we?

I encourage you to introspect and reflect on your own individual habits and act cautiously next time around, especially with those specific habits. It will be helpful, I promise!

We have options available with us only till we are within the boundary of enough

And if we choose wisely, we can enhance the experience and make it memorable just like a sumptuous dish with the right amount of salt.

But once we have reached the edge and start over-doing anything, it becomes the perfect recipe for disaster! Am I right?

Personally, I feel that Salt also signifies the importance of “balance”. Neither too less, nor too much is good. I also love the fact that though Salt does not seem to have any identity of its own, its kind of self-less but still it is the most important ingredient of our food.

Watch out and be cautious in keeping yourself under constant check! If you can restrain yourself from crossing that line, you will be able to enjoy a more loving, healthy and a fulfilling life. Believe me, this self-awareness will also help you in taking more positive and appropriate decisions.

I encourage you to observe the nature’s elements as each one of them is trying to teach us something important. These little learnings can enhance our life experiences each day!

Would love to hear your comments in the section below.

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2 thoughts on ““Over” a perfect recipe for disaster!

  1. “To introspect and reflect on your own individual habits” is a really tough homework. Please help with this by writing in your future blogs on specifics that could help one analyse and think in the right direction. Tips on this topic would be handy

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