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Its just a needle, but….

Once a greedy businessman got really sick and was almost on deathbed. He had only collected wealth for him and his family throughout his life at the cost of troubling and cheating others. At this moment, he was scared of death and was suffering in pain and anxiety. To ease his death, his family approached a renowned saint and requested him to conduct prayers for the dying man and help him attain salvation.

The Saint was a learned man and had many followers. Everyone was looking up to the Saint to help the dying businessman. His family (including his wife and 2 sons), was ready to offer as much wealth and resources required by the Saint and all they asked for was assurance that the businessman dies in peace.

Self check – Can anyone guarantee our salvation?

Well, the Saint very patiently sat next to the businessman while his wife and sons surrounded him. What the Saint said shocked everyone! Wondering what the Saint said?

No worries my son! I can guarantee you salvation but you will have to fulfill just one condition. I will give you a sewing needle that you have to handover to my mother who will meet you at the door of heaven. Just once you give her the needle, she will take you inside heaven and your soul will undoubtedly attain peace and salvation!

Are you also shocked?

This is the truth, my friend. We can collect as much wealth, jewelry, resources in our life but we cannot carry any of these material things when our life journey ends. As simply put by the Saint, we cannot even carry a sewing needle which is so very small and has no weight! Then, why collect so much?

As humans, we have the tendency to feel secure and we get that assurance by collecting resources and wealth. Go on…..collect, no problem… Only thing required is to be a little mindful of the wealth we collect. Is it not wise to concentrate more on collecting the wealth that we is worth the effort and helps us?

Yes, you know very well what all goes with us. All our deeds, i.e. good deeds, the smiles that we create, the love that we spread, the blessings that we gather……all of these and mind you, also all the bad deeds, the tears caused owing to our behavior, cheating, tricking and the abuses and back biting that we do for others.…. hmmm…. yes, all these will go with us.

Remember my earlier blog …Aiming at “Zero” – a state of absolute balance! that explains good deeds and bad deeds buckets in detail. If you have not read it or would like to refresh your memory, please read it by clicking on this link:

We get to chose and decide our journey here that has a direct impact on our journey beyond. So, chose wisely my friend.

To conclude: Be a little selfish to yourself and be mindful in choosing your deeds and actions. Collecting the right wealth and not these materialistic things will benefit your life here and beyond! Believe me, its totally worth your efforts!


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4 thoughts on “Its just a needle, but….

  1. How true!! Generally while accumulating material wealth, people tend to forget their values, behaviours and become rude to the extent they make other people feel small. As you rightly mentioned that we cannot take even a small needle with us when we leave our body, yet we spend our entire lives just accumulating things that we can’t take with us. It is like hoarding the currency that wouldn’t be acceptable there because every place has its own set of acceptable currencies. By reading your blogs, I am happy that I get to earn and save some of this currency that is valid in that world. Thank you 🙏

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    1. Totally agree with your thoughts 👍🏻 Now if we find the old 1000 note that’s no more valid, how do we react? Something which was so precious means nothing to us now. Retaining that note as a reminder for us, may be very helpful to keep a check on us! What say?


  2. Yes agree. By looking at that old note, we will be able to appreciate the new note. That old note will always remind us of our experiences during that time. Hence, it would help a person to always be humble and grounded to earth.

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