Observe – Nature has all the answers! Version 2.0

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Be like a tree – Stay grounded, keep growing and know when to let go!

What a saying and what a learning this little phrase has!

If we can learn to observe this and appreciate the power of giving, it will indeed be a life worth living!

As mentioned in my earlier blog, Observe – Nature has all the answers! Version 1.0, if we try and closely observe nature, God has tried to explain the ways to lead a happy and contended life in very easy yet beautiful ways. Observing and learning from these ways will help each one of us bring in so much of positivity and happiness around us. Guess what, it is totally free and available every where.

Have you ever keenly observed this powerful gift of nature – Trees!

They are one of the very important reasons for life on earth….come on, this much science basics we all know! isn’t it? Plants not only gift us Oxygen, they also are the main source for our other basic necessity for living, yeah – Food.

Briefly, can you imagine, if Trees also became self centered and selfish like humans! I can bet, the world would not have been what it is today! Do you agree?

If we go by the phrase shared above, what can we learn from Trees?

Stay Grounded: It starts with sowing a seed and gradually with lots of patience and tender care and passing time, it becomes a tree! So, learn to be patient, calm and remain focused in struggling times too. Do not compromise on your values, be humble, gentle, caring and look at the people who have less than you and try to help them, whenever you get an opportunity.

When you help others, God sends help for you automatically!

During the journey of becoming a full fledged tree, it has to bear strong winds, sometimes storms, but only the tree that stands these difficult times, gets to bear the fruit. So, learn to stay grounded my friend and you will also blossom soon!

You may also like to read my earlier blog, Stay Grounded, for a detailed perspective.

Keep Growing: Can you stop a tree from growing, provided you don’t cut it? Well, there are so many forests on earth, who waters those plants? Nature does it all by itself and we have numerous varieties of trees, flowers and fruits that grow on earth, isn’t it?

Like Trees, God, Nature, the Universal Power, whatever you wish to call it, wants us also to grow and learn in every phase of our life.

So, do not cry in tough times, observe and learn! May be you got in that phase to learn or explore something within; may be a quality that you possess but you are unaware of and are not utilizing the same.

As parents, we do get tough with our children sometimes, as we know that they are capable of more….. Consider yourself as the child of God and take the test He puts you to! I promise, you will come out more grateful for the difficulties that you have to face! May be not now, but soon in future, you will realize the reason for the tough phases and what great outcome you got from each one of them!

Do not close your doors of hope, keep trying and keep growing my friend!

Learn to Let go: Wow, I like this part of the phrase the most! Imagine, if trees did not let go of the flowers and fruits and oh, before that if they denied giving us the Oxygen that we need to breathe…… Life cannot exist without this unconditional quality of giving by the trees!

On a global perspective, what are we doing to trees in return? Children across the world are getting united on this issue and are questioning our generation for the legacy we will leave behind for them and our future generations! Just some Food for thought…….

Trees teach us the art of giving so beautifully! The fruits and flowers are like the children of trees but they know the best usage for them is to be consumed or cherished while they ripe, else they will rot and get destroyed!

In life, we should also observe our actions, behaviors, activities, relations, etc. that need to Let go and bid adieu to them well in time! But….do we do that?

Most of the times, just out of our fear of change, we restrain ourselves from letting go and from trying something new, something different….. Please remember, if Nature or God or Universal Power sends something our way, it is done for a reason and if we don’t accept the “Pull” then the Nature has to apply the “Push” strategy and that is what we then call as a the struggling times and a low phase! So, learn to embrace the circumstances with an open mind and fill your life with positivity.

Believe me, with a little change in mindset, the struggles will seem like challenging opportunities! Its all in the mind, my friend!

To conclude: Be humble and giving like a Tree. Just keep doing good and the nature will return you in abundance! Learn to embrace the change in your life, be patient while the change happens and have faith that everything is happening as per God’s master plan and the final outcome will be good, that’s positive! Cheer up and keep smiling!

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