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Pondering on a solo train journey!

Imagine yourself on a long solo train journey on a luxury train. Let’s say that you will take around 3 days to reach your destination.

Note: Phones and wi-fi does not work on this train, so social media interaction is ruled out πŸ˜‰

How many movies can you watch and how much music you can listen to?

As humans, we have this need to interact and connect with other fellow humans! Do you agree?

Now, to satisfy this need, we look around for other passengers on this train and build a conversation. Sometimes, we try to initiate a conversation with the ticket checker too, just for the sake of speaking!! Isn’t it?

All those who have done these long journeys will recall the heart to heart talks they have done with these strangers! One thing leads to the other and you end up telling them so many stories from your life journey and they would have done the same. You may still be in touch with a few even now but most are gone with that journey but they stay in your memory forever. Am I right?

Just one more question before I move ahead….

You may have hugged them before getting down at your station or may have got teary eyed too but…….

Did you hold them from taking their own journey?

Wondering, where am I leading with this!

Our life is like this solo train journey, wherein we meet different people who are co-passengers on this train including our parents, our relatives, friends, spouse and even our enemies…….. we have common experiences with them, many good and few bad and then……

Its either our time to leave them or theirs to leave us!

This happens when the purpose of our meeting gets over! We part ways for this birth and may be its time for truce or we may meet again for balancing the carry forward in our next life journey!

The point I wish to make is that:

We don’t hold our co-passengers on the train from getting down at their intended destination, do we? So should we not let our loved ones go when its time to part ways!!

Please try to remember and cherish the happy times and moments spent together and wish them good and wish them well!

Especially for the ones who had to let go of their love interests or best friends (Yeah, I mean, boyfriends or girlfriends too ;), this justification may help to pacify their state of mind and help to motivate them to move on looking out for better pastures & not get disheartened!

For those losing their loved one’s to death, the feeling of agony and pain is very strong and no logic or reasoning can calm one down. I totally understand and respect that! But, my friend, this may help when you are ready to embrace the nuances of life …..

The choice is totally ours!

We can keep crying for the loss and dig the hole deeper with every tear or cherish each moment spent together and fill the hole with our smile and move ahead πŸ™‚ Please remember it is all a part of God’s Masterplan and what He has thought for us is way beyond and way better than our prayers and expectations! And this one I am sure about :). You may like to read my earlier blog Why did you meet them?

Only when few passengers leave your train of life, will there be place on the train to accommodate more passengers! Do you agree?

To conclude: It is our thoughts that make us weak or strong, so, to let anyone physically enter or exit your life, you have to be mentally ready and the more gracefully you let them go the more you will cherish your relationship with them. Letting go of the old will make some place for welcoming the new in your life!


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7 thoughts on “Pondering on a solo train journey!

  1. Very well written…and very true…compatibility is a relative term…who we find compatible today…we may not find them as compatible in the future …as we all evolve in our needs…thus better for both people to let go..and cherish the old memories.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good to see, you continued writing.
    Great thought! Wonderfully written.
    Nice correlated events.
    Very true!!!! How gracefully you let someone go, more you will cherish the relationship. Excellent.. keep posting!!

    Liked by 1 person

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