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Never say Never!

When we say “Never”, we kind of restrict ourselves from trying.

Till a year back, I was so sure that I would never do something, but then circumstances took over! Not only am I doing it, but unbelievably, I am enjoying it too! Has this happened to you as well?

Believe me, we form our emotions and our reactions in a situation based on our experience from the past and the background that we are aware of, right? So to simply put it in words…..

Our opinions are based on what we already know! But…what about what is yet to come?

Our decisions that we take for the future are based on these opinions and perceptions…….but, life is very unpredictable, my friend. Please be aware and always remind yourself that actually:

We have no control on the changes that will happen in the very next moment!

Let me try and explain with a few common examples:

Mom saying: “I will never allow my son to marry a girl from a specific community!”

This Mom has restricted her options of getting a good daughter-in-law just based on a bias….. humans should be judged as humans and not based on their community and culture….. what say?

Dad saying: “I will never allow my son to make stand-up comedy as a career!”

Well, we all enjoy going to the stand up comedy shows, right! Imagine if these comedians had listened to their Dads and never ventured in this field, what a loss it would have been for us as a society! Convinced, are you?

Girl saying: ”No way, never, will I sit at home and take care of those crying babies!”

All the caring mothers out there, each one of us, would have said this while we were girls but right now, we are all out to give out every wink of our sleep and every waking minute caring about our loved ones, don’t we?

Boy saying: “Why did she leave me? I will never let her go!”

Ha! This one is the most common one for boys! They say it after every break up and the moment they meet the next one….. the never goes in vain and actually it should! For those psychos who stick around and trouble their ex’s, please move on, have faith, life have other choices planned for you!

The point I am trying to make here is that it is a good idea to have an open mind! Think, introspect, consider your choices and make informed decisions and even opinions!

Please refrain from making statements and deciding for the future, when you don’t know what the circumstances will be like then!

Play it by the ear, my friend! Why restrict your choices?

To conclude: The past and the present, atleast till the moment we are in, we are aware of our circumstances, our situations, our emotions, the background, so yes, we can be sure of what and how only till the current moment, but, what happens the next moment, we don’t know! So, trying is better option than closing your choices! Let the moment come and then, you take a call and never before! Coz, you never know, what’s coming your way! Why settle for less when we deserve much more happiness and love and opportunities πŸ™‚


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