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Alex is “Worried” What about you?

Alex had his first interview scheduled next morning and he was not checking Google nor the Company website; neither was he busy reading his notes or anything. Actually, he was doing nothing to prepare for the same, the only thing he was indulging in was “Worrying”….. you think that would help?

Well, if worrying helped, then, none of us would have any problem, because, worrying is what we do the most of the times, Don’t we?

Keeping yourself outside of any situation, think for a moment and you will realize that worrying has not added any value to the whole deal, it has only added stress, agony, anxiety and further confusion to the scenario which could be easily avoided! Wondering, why do we do it then!

The first answer is…..that as humans, it is very easy and natural to Worry!

When we worry, we attract a lot of Negativity and our imagination builds up images of all the misfortunes, unhappiness adding to our already existing sorrow, grief and anxious state of mind.

Does worrying help? Of course not, it just adds further fuel to the already lit fire!

Can we do anything about it? Yes, the solution is very simple!

Just do not let the negativity surround you in any situation. Learn to Analyze and Introspect any situation, keeping yourself out and think practically and most probably, the solution will be in your sight within no time.

Coming back to Alex, if he had done his basics revision, knowledge check about the Company and other related preparation, he would have been more at ease! Isn’t it!

Well, our problems are unique and we and only we know what works best to find the solutions we seek. It could be a Checklist for few, a Discussion session for others, Drawing the situation on a board could be another choice, etc. etc. The ways could be very different but the outcome will be a Workable Solution to your problem! What’s the harm in trying?

Easier said than done, that’s what you are thinking right! I know, it indeed is, but it is You my friend, who can help Yourself. No one will come from outside to make your journey smooth, it is your life, your choices and remember,

“As you sow, so shall you reap.”

Together, we can inspire each other to sow the right seeds for a great future crop, which is full of love, respect, positivity, happiness minus the worrying! Are you with me?

To conclude: If we can understand this fact that Worrying is nothing but a waste of time and consumes most of our energy, we can be more alert in making our choices and restrain from this wasteful effort! The moment we start being practical, the solutions will start showing up, trust me, because now we are in a more constructive mind and have a positive approach towards things and towards life at large. Try it, as your worrying is anyways not helping, I am pretty sure of that! Waiting to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below….


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11 thoughts on “Alex is “Worried” What about you?

  1. Agree completely, worrying does not help. I always follow a simple way. Whenever some thing is worrying me too much, I just give it a break for a night. Next day, the situation becomes much easier to handle…

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  2. Worrying to me is a outcome, emanating from the fear of failure, rejection, loss and so on. Facing the situation proactively and without any procrastination with planning (fully agree on the idea of drawing board and soundboarding with someone), eases the nerves, clears the mind and builds confidence. So right said, planning with a positive mind frame is the key. Nice article and keep sending. CheersπŸ‘

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