Two little hands go…clap, clap, clap!

Try clapping with just one hand, Can you? Well, very few of us have that special skill to create that clap like sound with one hand, but it indeed is not a real clap, isn’t it! For a real clap, two hands is the basic requirement πŸ™‚

Try this simple experiment…….clap your hands differently, I mean change the angle or the power with which one hand strikes the other and each time the sound you will hear will also be different! The hands are the same, but the change is owing to the other factors that are influencing the sound of the clap that we hear! Isn’t it?

In any relationship, this principle has a lot of indepth perspective. Believe me, it can be really very useful in leading a happy positive life if we can understand this little skill of appreciating this principle! Wondering how??

When our two hands that are connected to the same brain and are taking orders from the same control centre can create different sounds with little changes, then, what can these external influences do to a relationship where two or more people are involved, have you ever wondered!

Well, to simply put it, a relationship is between two or more people, and the minimum requirement for any relationship is “two”, right! For any healthy relationship, we need to understand that the other person or the second half, sometimes what we also address as our “better halves” have their own perspective towards things, ideas, issues, problems and life at large….. Do you agree?

On top of this, there are other influences like our partner’s past experience in a similar circumstance, some beliefs that he or she may have formed, their knowledge and information that they have gathered from their learning and hearsay, lives of their parents, their experiences and this list of influencers can be endless! Actually, in a relationship……

We tend to like a particular clap sound that pleases us and you know what that is? Well, that is getting approval from your other half to whatever we say!

Till we keep getting that, we think that the relationship is working great, we are on top of your game, there is happiness, there is satisfaction, basically, our ego is satisfied!

But, please remember my friend, that it takes “Two to Tango”! One step taken differently by your partner can change the move and it can mostly disrupt the flow!

So, for a better sync, what do you think is the secret ingredient?

I think it’s understanding & appreciating their perspective!

Imagine a life with your partner, where both of you have the independence and courage to create more and more new clap sounds, newer dance moves and that can only be done when both of you respect and understand and give each other that space,….. reflect that confidence that you are there to hold them, if they fall or if they fail! I promise, with this courage, sky is the limit…..

Pl. remember, “They are not wrong, its just that they have a different perspective!”

Learn to give your partners some space, don’t let “ego” be a part of any relationship, be it with your spouse, your friend, your parents, your peers, colleagues or anyone you enjoy that bond with!

With time you will already know their answers, even before they express it!

And that is your real victory! Then, life will be in total sync….. but this will come gradually and will require a lot of introspection and reflection from you!

Being in “Sync” is the key! Learn to live in a healthier relationship without any ego, without any dominance! Try to find that balance, that sync between the two of you and then see how beautiful this life is!

Do you fight with your partners on their birthday, your birthday, your anniversary and on other special occasions in your life? You don’t, right!

So, if you can restrain on those days, why can’t you try doing the same every day and put in that little extra effort to ensure that every day is a special day and stay away from cribbing and fighting and put all your efforts in making cherishing memories each day!

Life is too small to crib and complain, my friend and we don’t know which breathe is last for whom,,,,, so happiness and smiles is what we should try to create the most, not only for us but for everyone around us!

To conclude: Work on your relationships with your loved ones! Bring in that sense of understanding their perspective whenever there is a disconnect and learn to appreciate thoughts and ideas of others! It will help you get a wholesome experience of life and soon, your relationships will become an example, a benchmark for others to learn and follow! Lead from the front my friend and your partner will be surprised to see a new you! Abundance of love, respect, smile and positivity is what you will receive in return, I Promise πŸ™‚ Giving it a try, do let me know in the comment section below! Good luck!

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14 thoughts on “Two little hands go…clap, clap, clap!

    1. Hi Rakhi, thanks for your comments! Understanding each other’s perspective helps! Try it my friend and hope you will find peace and happiness 😊 Sharing a quote from the blog β€œplease remember they are not wrong, they just have a different perspective” ….


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