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Cherished relationships….

Recently in a conversation I learnt this interesting thing, that a daughter-in-law is also addressed as “DIL” in the modern lingo….. Believe it or not, “DIL” in Hindi language literally means “Heart “❤️

Not sure how many of you have a cherished relationship with your so called in-laws 🙂

Tell me something, are only blood relations for real?

Or are those relations that you build and cherish with your heart and soul irrespective of how you are related, are the real relations….What do you think?

  • Can a friend be more to you than your own sibling?
  • Can a daughter-in-law/ son-in-law become a daughter/son of the house?
  • Can a father-in-law be more than a father to you?

I say yes to all these and numerous other such scenarios, as I truly believe in the power of love and acceptance. Once you accept a relationship and get committed fully to it, then you will end up creating a bond, which undoubtedly will be stronger and could sometimes get even much deeper than the ones created by blood relations.

Personally, I can vouch that such relationships do exist and trust me from my own journey so far, I have been a loved D-I-L and each moment I spent with my Father-in-law while I had him around was priceless and the memories he has given me will be cherished for the rest of my life!

He was my Hero and I was and will remain his biggest fan 🙂 I miss him so much 😦

In any relationship, especially other than the blood relations, like relations between husband and wife, in-laws or between friends/ partners, it is indeed a journey where one needs to move beyond thinking about…..

I, Me and Myself

and start thinking about

We, Us and Ours

Only and only then can you think of building a great relationship, otherwise it’s for show only and not a real relation. Do you agree? You may like to read my earlier blog Two little hands go…clap, clap, clap!

Its important to get into team spirit and learn to empathize and sympathize, whatever is required to deliver love, respect, compassion and smiles at all times 🙂 Isn’t that a great scenario to explore in all our relationships?

To conclude: Every relationship can be made beautiful provided it is created with love and respect and cherished with smiles and understanding. I urge you to give love and please remember to be open in your approach and perspective, as you never know how God is sending his blessings and love to you, sometimes from those where you least expect…. the only and only condition is that your love should be pure, unconditional and unbiased 😊 and the return is 100% guaranteed!


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