Be careful & be safe Alex!

Every morning when Alex goes to work, Suzie bids him farewell by saying:

Be careful and Be safe my love!

No, this is not a COVID 19 scenario that I am talking about, this was her every day thing since she got married. Wondering why would she tell Alex to be careful and safe each single day!!!!

Well initially Alex wondered it too and so he asked Suzie, why she said what she said to him every single day!

Any guesses, what did Suzie say?

“ I remind you to be careful so that you don’t loose control of yourself and give agony to someone in the bargain…. be mindful of being careful. If we can’t spread happiness then we have no right to add sorrow to other people’s lives, isn’t it! Secondly, by telling you be safe, every day, I try and remind you that I love you and want to see you return Hale and Hearty back to me every single day ❤️. Also, I want you to be safe from bringing any negative energy or thoughts back home! If you can promise me to be careful and safe, trust me, that our house will always be full of happiness and positivity 🙂 !”

Wow, isn’t that an amazing explanation, I love it👍🏻 Reminding ourselves each single day that every time we step out, we have to take care of ourselves not only externally but internally as well!

Have you noticed that in the current scenario, we are constantly checking with our extended family members , friends and even writing to our colleagues and clients and customers to be safe, isn’t it!

Hope we can continue to remind atleast our friends and loved ones, just like Suzie, to keep being careful and safe, not only for their external health but for their internal well being every single day, going forward…. Do you agree?

We all know it but it’s these reminders that help us to keep these thoughts as priorities, right on top of our mind; especially when they are shared by our loved ones!

To conclude: This global lockdown phase has come in our lives to teach us a collective lesson and the sooner we will learn, the faster will be the recovery. Let’s try together to make our World a better, happier and a more compassionate place to be…. Are you with me? Do remember to remind your loved ones to be careful and safe, every single day!

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4 thoughts on “Be careful & be safe Alex!

  1. Very well written.The daily reminders definitely keeps one on his/her toes. Have felt this every time I go out in the streets with my car.

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