Observe – Nature has all the answers! Version 3.0

What time than this is better to observe and admire the nuances of Nature?

When the entire mankind is stuck within the confines of their homes, almost globally struggling to fight against a nasty virus, the Nature is at its perfect best, isn’t it?

Healthy air, pleasant weather, flowers blossoming, rivers cleaner, wildlife enjoying their freedom while we, human beings remain locked down!

We are not even sure if this deadly virus is indeed created by Nature ( I strongly think otherwise) or is it another manmade disaster that has resulted in loss of numerous lives and has impacted global economy so hard.

Please remember, Nature has never done any bias among its takers for any of its gifts!

Think about this….we all need “Water” to survive and how much ever rich or poor you are, you have the same thirst that gets quenched with Water and Water only. If you are rich, you may be having more cleaner, mineralized water and you may get to drink it in a silver or crystal glass but Water is Water, my friend.

Nature provided enough and more resources to suffice every living being and if we humans, do not exploit Nature at the rate at which we are doing, these resources will remain available for many generations to come.

As mentioned in my earlier blogs, Observe – Nature has all the answers! Version 1.0 and Observe – Nature has all the answers! Version 2.0 if we try and closely observe nature, God has tried to explain the ways to lead a happy and contended life in very easy yet beautiful ways. Observing and learning from these ways will help each one of us bring in so much of positivity and happiness around us. Guess what, it is totally free and available every where.

Is there a lesson, we can learn from this humble “Glass of Water”?

The water tastes the same, irrespective of the glass you drink it in, my friend. What will you do with a silver or crystal glass, if there will be no water to quench your thirst?

If you observe the qualities of Water, it teaches us to move on with its flow; the rivers teach us to make way; the sea teaches us calmness but the abundance of water can cause flood too! Isn’t it?

Well, we all need learn to differentiate between our “Needs” (the positive aspects of water) and “Wants” (the flood scenario) and now that this lockdown has given us an opportunity wherein we have survived more than a month without unnecessary shopping, not accumulating things we just don’t need….. we should be happy with the fact that we are alive and are with our families healthy and happy! Time to introspect on our future actions, for sure! Do you agree?

To conclude: Be as open as Water, be available to everyone, extend help and support wherever you can. Be light, go with the flow, use your power constructively else the flood will kill and ruin all. We have the choice, and what we choose will decide the way forward from here! Please remember, Every drop counts!

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6 thoughts on “Observe – Nature has all the answers! Version 3.0

  1. Excellent interpretation from lockdown period and presented as guidance for our rest of life to be peaceful. Marvellous blog.MAY GOD BLESS YOU WITH MORE COURAGE TO POST SUCH ARTICLES.

    Liked by 1 person

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