The overwhelming choices!

Have you wondered if we had limited choices how easy would life be 🙂 It is indeed these choices in life that agitate, excite and confuse us the most. Do you agree?

Okay let’s start with an example. If someone asked you a simple question:

Are you an Optimist?

i. Yes or ii. No

100% replies I presume will be i. Yes, isn’t it 😊

Now the question remains the same, i.e. “Are you an Optimist?”, but now your choices are:

  • Always
  • Never
  • Occasionally
  • Rarely
  • Neutral

Now, you start thinking way deep into a very simple thing and make the situation more complex and complicated resulting in fickle thoughts and a confused mind… Do you agree?

Well, this is exactly what happens every time we face too many choices for anything and everything in our life too. Just to give you a few light examples here:

  • Too many dresses, but I never have anything to wear!
  • Different choices of restaurants/ cuisines but we are always confused what to order or where to dine!
  • Opening Netflix/Amazon/YouTube with numerous choices and wasting more than 15-20 minutes in just deciding what to watch 🙂

Earlier, life was quite simple with ‘black’ and ‘white’, ‘yes’ and ‘no’ kind of choices and then came in ‘grey’ and ‘colors’ and so many variety of choices; we all know the scenario we are in! We all are “Spoilt for Choices”, isn’t it?

To put it simply, it is us, who have kind of complicated our own surroundings by over-extending our desires/ wants and then we end up spending more than half of our valuable lives running towards achieving those unworthy goals, that provide no contentment!

We can be very very happy and contented with limited choices, but Are we?

The biggest learning from this global lock down is to understand that what we have is enough and all we need is a positive mind and patience and trust that “this too shall pass!” and “All is indeed Well“, my friend!

To conclude: Restrain your choices and always be mindful of your acts! The only question that we should ask ourselves each day: “Am I positive and contented ?” And your choices are: A. Yes or B. Getting better than yesterday..… If your answer is A or B, you are on track my friend and no one can make you sad anymore 👍🏻 Congratulations and please keep spreading your positivity with whoever you interact 😊 Keep Introspecting and Reflecting on your acts everyday!

Be Good and Stay Safe!

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4 thoughts on “The overwhelming choices!

  1. I feel black and white choices are restraining.. we have one life and we all are different, with different motivations and different sources of happiness.. like a shoe.. one size doesnt fit all.. and a leather one is not comfortable enough to run a marathon. Yes, sometimes too many choices confuse us, and we end up wasting time, but one life is not worth making compromises when you can wait for something worth it. What say?

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    1. Very valid point. But the idea is not to get carried away with choices as they are there for us and we are not there for them! Wait for the right moment but don’t be impatient….. it’s all about controlling your emotions well, isn’t it and remaining positive and happy 😊

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  2. I agree with the statement” It is indeed these choices in life that agitate, excite and confuse us the most.” We should always be clear what we are choosing in life without any confusion or hesitations.

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