Don’t worry, I have it all planned!

Well, we all have plans, for the day, for the month, for the year, for our lives…. not just that, we have plans for our spouses, our children’s lives too, isn’t it!

When 2020 started, many of us made resolutions to stick to and ideally that is what we do around each new year and our birthdays as well but how many do we end up sticking to?

Now, take a moment in the current COVID 19 times, to think and analyze –

“What happened to all our planning?

It was someone’s Wedding, someone’s Graduation ceremony, someone’s First US posting, someone’s First job, someone’s 90th Birthday celebrations, well, someone’s First Birthday celebrations and so on…… Believe me, many of those involved plenty of hours and months and loads of money…..

Imagine the amount of time and energy we invested in coming out with what we thought was the “Perfect Plan” 🙁

But, Was it?

Take another moment to reflect in the past and you will recall many many more such instances, wherein what happened was totally not in sync with what you had planned as the process or as the outcome.

Wanna know the best part…..I can bet that you now realize that the final outcome of many of those instances is actually much better than what it would have been if things had materialized according to your plan 😊 Isn’t it? But, does that stop us from Planning, of course not 🙂

Don’t you think that its high time that we admit that our plans have no meaning and it only adds to our agony and stress! What’s going to happen will happen and eventually, what will come to our rescue is the good deeds and happiness that we spread across in our beautiful journey called life!

Every morning when you wake up and every night before sleeping, just try to bring this little thought to your mind: “It’s Thy Will” and believe me, gradually your prayers will only have Thank you’s and no Demands!

To conclude: Just go with the flow! Make up your mind, sooner than later to “Surrender to His plan”. Learn to be happy for all that you have got and see the magic it brings to your life! Your general perspective will become positive, you will experience zero stress and I promise you will have many reasons to be grateful for what you have been blessed with in your life 😊 Believe me, just relax and keep smiling everyday and for that you need “No Plan “👍🏻

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