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Oh, that feeling!

Almost every evening Tom and Suzie have the same conversation, since this lockdown started…..the only difference is, some days it is Tom who starts and other days its Suzie!

  • I don’t think I am feeling up to it today!
  • I actually didn’t sleep well last night, don’t think I have the energy!
  • Can we skip it today, please
  • I am feeling drained already, forget it

Wondering, what are they trying to dodge?

Well, its their daily workout regime that they have started online πŸ™‚

Depending on who is not in the mood among Tom and Suzie, the other one pushes and they both end up doing their workouts regularly five to six days a week!

Ask them at the end of the session, and they can’t help but say – “Oh, what a feeling!”

Though, physically, their bodies are all full of sweat, heart is pumping so rapidly, they feel exhausted but mentally, they feel victorious and so thankful that they did the right thing πŸ™‚

This is just a very small example, but believe me, in life, we use the same dodging to get away from every little challenge that we tend to face in our lives.

Though, we know that the outcome of accepting those challenges would give us that feeling of victory, that sense of achievement and we will end up saying – “Oh, what a feeling!”, but just because it is beyond our comfort zone, we tend to convince ourselves mentally with numerous reasons for not doing it! Do you agree?

Like Tom and Suzie, who shared their feelings and emotions and helped and pushed each other…… Do you share what you feel with your loved ones?

If you do, you are so damn lucky my friend :). And if you don’t, I urge you my friend, to start sharing what you feel and you may be able to achieve much more in your life with this little change. May be its that little push from a loved one, that can help you explore a talent, a passion, a quality that you possess within!

Life is not a bed of roses and indeed, we don’t want it to be either πŸ™‚ . You may like to read my earlier blog Thank God life is not a “bed of roses”!)

To conclude: Reach out to your loved ones and help them push to achieve their limits. They may complain initially but in the end, they will be so thankful to you for your love and support. Also, let your guard down and receive help when offered by your friends and family and cherish every moment, when you end up saying, “Oh, what a feeling!” πŸ™‚


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