Annie’s dilemma

Annie’s hands were shaking and she was in a dilemma that if she was doing the right thing by signing on the dotted line…….

Wondering what was Annie going through?

Two days from the current scenario, Annie was a happy go lucky soul, truly, madly and deeply in love with her family. She only wanted love from everyone and only gave out blessings and wishes in return. Throughout her life, she stood up for the right and lawful deeds and had the most positive persona….

Are you also thinking, What is it that she is not so sure of! What’s bothering her?

Her life companion, her best friend of last 30 years, her husband has been declared brain dead after an accident and now the doctors are talking to her to sign on the donation form, so they can use his organs, while they still can 😕 She knows that’s what her husband Peter would have wanted to do and that was the right call medically, but….. it’s so hard to take that decision for your loved ones, isn’t it!

Generally, Annie has been strong, a pillar of strength for her family but in this moment, she felt jitters and any one would, actually!

I have recently learnt that only a person who is declared brain dead can donate their organs….Yes and globally less than 2% of the population gets into that scenario!

Annie spoke to the doctors multiple times, to confirm and reconfirm of any chances of Peter’s recovery but alas, there were none 😟Standing by her values, her strong persona, her love for Peter and what Peter had occasionally conveyed through his casual conversationsAnnie finally did sign the form and gave the Gift of Life to not just one but almost 4 people. Surprised….. yes, Peter’s two kidneys, liver and eyes were donated!

Very few blessed souls get to donate lives even before they depart on their eternal journey and Peter was indeed a special soul – who loved and cared every relationship!

I know this is very intense….but believe me it may help someone someday!

Talk to your loved ones about this matter…. tell them what would you want them to do if such a scenario arises ever, God forbid. This will help them to decide in those difficult times and they will not have to face that dilemma like Annie!

To look at this scenario from another perspective, I request you to read my earlier blog, Poor Alex between Sobs and Smiles!

To conclude: Please remember that communicating tough matters, sometimes, makes life easier, not just for you but more importantly for your loved ones. We don’t know what and how things will be but what is more precious and noble than “Gifting a Life” 🙏🏻 if we get a chance, isn’t it! Sorry for bringing up such an intense topic but imagine, if everyone thinks this way, you may also get help when you need it! Who knows, which side we will be when? ( I mean, Giver or Receiver)……

Cheer up, my friend….. Real Life is indeed in Giving, isn’t it 🙂

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