Tina’s Piggy bank game….

Alex, little Tina’s father had made a very unique deal with her to teach her the importance of saving. He told her “ Let’s play a game….every day I will give you one coin which you can spend or save it in your piggy bank but I promise the day your piggy bank gets overflowing, I will give you double the money of whatever is collected in your piggy bank and we can continue playing this game, till whatever age you like!”

More than the money, its the challenge that got Tina excited about doing something different 🙂 At the onset of the deal, it took quite some time for Tina to get to fill her piggy bank. But when the piggy bank was around 90% full, Tina cut down on her little snack spending also to make it full, as now she was eager to get her reward…..

Finally, the Reward day came and Tina was super excited…. Alex took out all the money and they both counted together, it was around 570 coins…. Wow, isn’t it a great effort by a little girl?

Alex patted her back and very proudly took out 1140 in currency notes and handed over 20 in Tina’s hand and put the rest 1120 at the bottom of the piggy bank and closed it and gave it back her to continue the next filling cycle…..and this went on for quite a few years…..till Tina got into the habit of saving, with or without waiting for the Reward day or the overflowing piggy bank!

As always, this little scenario, got me wondering that sometimes, these little games can give you such a different and inspiring perspective towards life and its challenges!

Would you agree, if I say, that like this piggy bank example, every challenge in our life starts slow and then by the time it reaches its end stage, we are Eager, Curious and Excited, sometimes Agitated and Nervous too. Most of the times, we do end up successfully completing that challenge….

Once its done, just like Alex in the above story, God gives us a little Reward in the form of Achievement or Recognition and then what……again another piggy bank, another challenge of life!

Looking at life this way, will make passing the difficult phases with a little ease and comfort, as we are Conscious that it is just for a while, an activity, a challenge that has come to go by….Trust me, failing a challenge is not the end of life…..you will be required to face it till you defeat it and move on…. so don’t lose heart if it took you more than one or two times to complete some life challenges!

The only catch is that we have to keep the learnings of each earlier lesson learnt at the back of our mind and be ready to take on the next challenge, head on!

And mind you, this piggy bank of life is never full of challenges till our last breadth and age is again just a number here, because please remember, we will forever remain children in God’s eyes 🙂

To conclude: Slowly and gradually, we keep embracing one challenge after another during this journey called life and our level of Achievement and Recognition keeps going up too! Some get agitated by these challenges even when they are beyond 70 years and few take them so gracefully even at a tender age of 15…..Acceptance and Embracing is the key here that will help you sail through, my friend. Learn to share and save the smiles and blessings of others in your Piggy bank called Life….it will make your journey totally worthwhile! 👍🏻 Trust me 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Tina’s Piggy bank game….

  1. Learn to share and save the smiles and blessings of others in your Piggy bank called Life….it will make your journey totally worthwhile!
    V well said. 👍❤️

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