Cheat day or Cheat meal!

In current times, be it for good health or just for those killing looks, we all are becoming more and more health conscious, which no doubt is a great thing πŸ™‚ atleast if the focus is on good health and not getting lean at the cost of starving ourselves, isn’t it!

When the weight loss trend started catching up, there is another term that the dieticians started to include in their conversation “Cheat day” or “Cheat meal”, which means, you could do one day or one meal without any restrictions….sounds fun right!

Well, ask those who are following strict diets….they have to pay heavily the next day for splurging on these cheat days or cheat meals, with vigorous or more strict regiment on the following days…… trust me, its not as fun as it sounds πŸ™‚

You must be wondering that either I am a dietician or following a rigorous weight loss regime right now, isn’t it! Nothing like that πŸ™‚ I just brought this up to share an interesting thought about Relationships…..

Throughout our Life, in our Relationships, we try and maintain Lovely, Harmonious Relationships with our family, friends, relatives, peers, etc. Now just like a Cheat day or a Cheat meal, one day we cross that line and say something which hurts them 😦 The only challenge here is that the road to recovery from any emotional hurt is almost impossible….. because outwardly it may look to be fine but inwards, the scars remain forever… Do you agree?

Like, when on a diet, the person can have all kind of cravings….same way, while in any relationship, we cannot like everything of our loved ones and then whatever we don’t like about them, we never Communicate but keep storing within our hearts for days, months, years and sometimes even beyond ……..isn’t it! Then, one day, just like a Cheat day, it just all comes out in a way that is very Hurtful and sometimes even Disrespectful to the receiver 😦

Can we do anything about it? Yes and only YOU can…..

Find better ways to Communicate with your loved ones and share your thoughts, much before they become a Volcano ready to erupt! This way, there are still chances that it will be taken positively and trust me, your loved ones will be able to maintain a better relationship not just with you but with various others who have also been hesitating to convey their hard feelings too!

Be watchful and observe if your loved ones are distancing from you recently, try and initiate a Conversation with them, my friend. May be something that you said or did, is hurting them and believe me, this little step of reaching out can save a beautiful relationship in your life…..

We are Humans and we need Emotional Happiness and Love, as much as we need Food to live! Do you agree?

To conclude: Maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy life each day and don’t wait for Cheat days to live your Life, my friend. On an Emotional Level, especially with your loved ones, to avoid volcano eruptions, when you meet or speak to them, keep your ears/eyes and even heart open to Introspect for any Negative signals….Trust me, if you love them, you will feel it just when it starts; all it takes is a little Conscious Observation and the result, my friend, will be a Life full of Happiness and Positivity πŸ™‚ great deal, worth a try, isn’t it!

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12 thoughts on “Cheat day or Cheat meal!

  1. It’s easy to get hurt and expect others to feel sorry if they cross the line…but do we ourselves consciously take care not to overstep ? It’s tough to say sorry, but it should be done more often.

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  2. Sometimes things happen in life that one doesn’t understand. Today I guess was one of my cheat days and just saw this blog. Before reading this, I couldnt really make out what was happening to me and why was I getting so upset and disappointed at myself. Thanks for sharing this. Atleast now I understand what’s going on and can now improve myself and handle the situation differently.

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